Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Raatinam - Movie Review

Love story movies had reduced for the past few years. Only few movies came with full love subject. All other movies have love as side dish for a wine bottle. 

Raatinam poster

Raatinam is one of the movie with love subject. This movie reveals about  the love between a guy and the school girl. Both fell in love and run away from the home and get married. The movie then shows about the consequences of both the families faces. 

A Scene from Raatinam


raatinam cast with director

All the actors in this film are new to silver screen. Everyone did their best job in acting. The director proved himself as a good director in his first film. The music was good. We can watch the movie with our family. No Vulgar scenes or double meaning dialogues or sexy scenes. The director showed everyone as good.  All youngsters should watch this movie.