Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Style with the Nail Polish products

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cycling to office

In my previous post i had written about my new cycle Hero Octane. In this i am going to write about the benefits i got in Cycling.

After the purchase of Cycle, I started going to Office by cycle itself. From the day one I got the benefits of Cycling. But on the first day many of my colleagues teased me buy a cycle for Rs. 11,000/- Its almost one week that i started cycling to Office. So i thought of sharing the benefits i got.

Benefits of Cycling to Office:

1. I don't want to wait for the MTC bus for 10-30 mins in Medavakkam and Sholinganallur Stop.

2. Cycling is a great exercise for the whole body. I don't want to waste my time in GYM to reduce my belly.

3. I am Saving minimum of 20 mins in Morning and Evening. Cycling tooks only 40 to 50 minutes to reach my office. If i go by MTC, it will take more than 1 hour. 

4. I don't want wait in the Sholinganallur Signal for a long time. As the cycle requires less space, i can easily come to the front.

5. I can save around Rs.800 to Rs.1000 per month. If i go by bus, It will cost around Rs. 600 to Rs.800/-. If i go to a Gym, it will cost a minimum of Rs.300 to Rs.500/-. 

6. Maintenance cost is very less when compared to have the Bike.

7. I don't want to travel in the Foot board of MTC bus. In the morning and evening time we can travel only in Foot board.

8. I can start from my office or from home at any time without worrying about the direct bus time.

9. I can have a healthy life with 2 hours of Cycling everyday. Cycling daily will Increase the stamina of our body.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

First day in Office with My Hero Octane Bi-Cycle

It's a dream from my small age i want to buy a Bi-Cycle. I had asked my dad for several times from my small age. But he never bought me a cycle. He always ask me to take his cycle. My School days over. I did not got the cycle. I went to college. Thought of buying a new cycle in college days. Four years gone. Still i did not bought Cycle. Again it was a dream for me.

I joined in Polaris. Thought of buying Cycle. But, If i bought the cycle, i will not get time to have a cycle ride. Because i will leave my room in morning and reach room in night about 8 or 9 PM and my office is too long from my Room. So I left thinking about my cycle. Last October my location got shifted to Navalur from Anna Salai. I shifted to Medavakkam. The distance from my room to office is around 10Kms. But I was troubled a lot to reach the office. I need to take two Buses to reach office. I need to travel in foot board, and all the buses will be in rush. So i decided to travel in Bi-Cycle to Office. For that i need to get a Cycle.

I searched many Bi-Cycles in the Internet. Last Saturday i went to Just Buy Cycles Shop in Velachery. I liked the cycle Octane from Hero Cycles. The cycle was Cost Rs. 10,990/- I just bought the cycle. I went to cycle ride for one hour on Sunday and Monday Morning. On Monday i informed my Colleagues about the cycle. Most of them were teased because of the Cycle Price. I decided to go to office on Cycle by Wednesday.

My Hero Octane

Hero Octane

Octane side View

On Wednesday Morning i took the breakfast and started pedaling the cycle. It took 40 Minutes to reach my office. It was too early. Normally it will take more than one Hour to reach my office if i was travelling in Bus. I saved more than 20 minutes. Everyone in my team knows that i came to office by Cycle. Every one was eager to see the Cycle. We decided to have a look at the cycle in the Tea break. In the tea break we went to the place where i parked the cycle. There was a surprise. Already four people were looking at my cycle and discussing about my cycle. I took the cycle from that place. My team mate Manikandan had a ride in the cycle. Another Team mate Varun was shouting the price of the Cycle to everyone crossing that parking place. Most of them teased for the price. Even one guy said " We can get a Suzuki Samurai for this price". All these teases will never pull me back. I was enjoying Cycling all the time. While cycling to office, i remember my childhood days where i took my dad's cycle and have a ride the across the paddy field. That was a pleasant time i had the cycling. Moreover i will ride for 30 minutes all the day. 

Front Disk Brake and Suspension

Back Suspension

Finally my dream about my Cycle came to an end. I have a cycle i dreamed about. My Cycle is having Front Disk break, 21 Speed gear , Front and Back Suspension. I was happy to the Cycle and i am very happy that i travel to my office by Bi-Cycle. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excellence award for my work

I joined in Polaris Software labs 2 years ago. I had 2 weeks of training and they put me in a project named Scheduler. 

In the training period the Vice presidents and many higher officials had came for the training sessions. Many people will speak about the Awards provided by the company for our work. The most honorable and the highest award is KONARK. It is not easy to get the Konark award. We need to work hard to get that award. 

Every time they speak about the awards, i felt like i should get any one award before leaving the company. The training was over and i was put up into the project.

The basic award is the SPOT Excellence and Going Extra Mile (GEM) Award. Every month a i will receive a mail from the HR team regarding the winners of the SPOT and GEM awards. Every time i look at the mail, i will think one or another day my photo and name should come in that mail. All i know is i need to do hard work to get the award. 

I have a bad luck. Whatever i do the good works will get un-noticed. I had many experience like this. I will work hard to do something and get success in that. but someone will the appreciation for my work. Some time no one will notice my work. Every time i think about the award, only this bad luck thing will rule my mind. But still i had hope that i will get some excellence award. 

At the beginning stage i was in Production Support. In the support period i started learning technology. I proved to my TL that i can do development. So he spoke with our PM and gave me development work. I did more than what they have assigned for me I did more than 70% of the work in the new release. My TL told he will recommend for GEM award after the release. but i did not got the GEM award. This did not affected me in any way. Because it is not new for me that my works are getting un-noticed.

After that i started working for another one project in my team. Every thing was going fine. I completed 2 years by last month. Still i did not got any award. I felt bad i could not able to get not even one award for my work. 

Today(15-02-2012)  morning i went to office and checked my mails as usual. I got the mail for GEM and SPOT Excellence Award. I was looking that mail and reading the names of the people got the awards. The Name and the Photo will be attached in mail. I was looking the photos one by one. I am feeling like when should my photo and name will appear in this mail. What a Surprise, My name and photo was in that mail. Oh My God!!! I got SPOT Excellence Award for November 2011. I had a doubt " Am i dreaming". No i am not dreaming, i am looking the mail once again. Yes, my name and photo only published in the SPOT excellence award. I showed the mail to my TL and PM. Everyone appreciated for the award. Today is the most happiest day in my career. Finally my hard work paid off. I got an Award from Polaris. Hard Work Never Fails proverb was well suited in my life today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Worst New Year I ever had

Every Day is not the same day. Like that Ever year gives you a new experience. Some will be goo and some will be the bad experience. This year gave me the bad experience i ever had. This year started with Sick. 

It was 30th Dec 2011 Night. I slept at 12:00 Midnight. Next day morning i felt fever at the beginning stage. Usually i will take the fever and cold tablet from the Medical shops. Like the i took the medicine from the medical shop. There is a improvement in body heat. Yes, i felt even more bad. By Night I went to the hospital. Doctor said its just the normal fever and prescribed some tablets. After that me and my cousin went to Saidapet A.G Church to attend the New Year Service. After that we came fast to room and slept. 

January 1, 2012. New Year, I felt sad. I could not able to stand. Everyone in my room had served well. They prepared food for me. The sad thing is i could not able to eat much. I can't able to eat more than Idly(Indian Food). Again i went to hospital for evening. Doctor said that i have Typhoid fever. He gave medicines for 3 days. But the fever was not cured. The days were horrible. I took medical Leave. I never felt bad like that. I cant wake up in early morning. i woke up around 10 AM. Have one Idly. Sleep , wake up in Afternoon, eat something. Feel good ( I can stand at that time) till evening. From evening to night i will have the stomach pain. Night have the dinner and go to sleep. Feel Sleepy, But i can't sleep.

After 2 days, my sister asked me to take treatment in Meenkshi Mission Hospital in Madurai. She is working there. On January 5th i admitted in the hospital. They took so many blood tests. At last they found it is Denque Fever.

I had the platelets count 40,000. They gave me Anti-biotic medicines. By evening my platelets count increased to 60,000. I stayed there for 4 days. My platelets increased in large amount. At the last day i had the platelets count 3,20,000They treated well. Most of the Nurses are good with the patients. 

I booked the train from madurai to Chennai with the help of my cousin. On 8th Night they discharged me. They gave me a bill of Rs. 18,000/-. I had the Medical Claim provided by our office. So i paid Rs. 4000/-. Insurance company paid the remaining amount. 

I had the bad time at the New Year start. I never this much sad in my life in the New Year eve. There is a good thing also happened because of this fever. I lost 5 Kgs in 10 days and my belly reduced to 2 inches.