Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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The Skin Shop Cosmetics, Specialized in B.B. Cream

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Friday, May 27, 2011

My new Laptop DELL Inspiron N5010

Hi, I am posting this blog after a long time. In this post i am going to write about my new laptop DELL Inspiron N5010.

It was my dream to buy a laptop for the past 3 years. I was searched the laptops in many companies and the second sales laptop. As my friends suggested not to buy second hand laptop. So i left the idea of buying second hand laptop. I don't have the sufficient money to buy a new laptop. So i waited to get a job. I thought will buy a new laptop after i join in a good job. I finished my B.E degree in 2009. I was struggled to get the job. Finally i got a job as a tutor. In that time i saw a second hand Samsung laptop. The cost of the laptop is 11,000. I was planned to sell my PC and buy the laptop. But the guy was not paid more than 7000 to my PC. So i left my idea for buying laptop.

My DELL laptop

In January 2011, i joined in Polaris. After 6 months i started searching for the laptop. I planned to buy in EMI. No shop is providing the EMI less than 14.3%.  At that time in one shop they provided HP laptop for 26,00 at 0% EMI. I bought tat laptop. First Problem i faced with the laptop is OS. They did not provided the genuine OS. I installed the genuine OS from my friend. But the OS installed was shown as 30 days trial pack. I just tried all my ways to make it as registered OS. But i could not make it. finally i found the way to extend the trial days for the OS. We can extend the trial days to another 30 days for four times.  I paid the money for one month. I faced some other problem also. That time i asked for the bill to the shop for going to the service center. They provided me a estimation bill. I asked for the bill. Actually what happened was the shop was not did the sales to me. It was one guy that made the sales. Actually he took a laptop from the shop without the shop owner's knowledge. I found that lately and returned the laptop to that guy and got my money back. This is the second time i failed to buy the laptop. I thought i will save money for 6 months and buy the laptop with single payment. So i started saving money. In March 2011 i have saved enough money to buy the laptop. At this time my dad needs some money. So this time also i gave the money to dad.I thought i was failed to buy the laptop for the third time. 

Browsing in FB

Front view DELL

But luckily, DELL provided the 0% 6 months EMI plan for citi bank credit card holders in their website. One of my friend in my office has payed in the credit card. I got the laptop by 7th May. The configuration of the laptop was Core i3, 320GB hard disk, 2GB RAM, 15.6 inch, 512MB graphics card, DVD writer with Win 7 home basic. They also provided the McAfee anti virus 30 days trial pack. That was the problem for me. In the third day McAfee updated from that frequently i got the blue screen problem(dump error). I called to the technical support and gave my laptop to the service center. They installed a new Copy of OS and provided me without any problem. I uninstalled the anti virus software and i did not faced any problem till now. Finally after 2 years i bought the laptop without selling my PC. I am very happy to have the laptop for me in my earnings.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

4C Cricket Match in Saidapet

My office colleagues and my roommates used to play cricket in the saidapet ground in every week end. We did not play for the last few weeks. We gathered in this week and planned to play in this week.  Like every week in Saturday(21-05-2011) I woke up in the early morning and called to everyone to assemble in the ground. We were totally nine people. Ben (me), Siva Sankar, Sekhar SB, Rajesh, Bharath, Giri Prasad, Hariharan, Venkatesh, and chella thurai siva shankar’s roommate. We are from the Polaris 4C team except Siva Sankar’s friend. Five of us reached the ground by 6.45 AM and started practising ourselves. Some people in the ground called us for a friendly match. We agreed to play with eight people in a team. It is an ten overs match. Our captain Siva Sankar won the toss and elected to bat first. In the ten overs we lost all wickets and scored 49 runs. The opponent team started batting with the winning score of 50. We bowled well at the beginning. In the fourth over they got 14 runs. It’s the turning point for the match. From that over they started beating the balls hardly. They scored 50 runs in the ninth over and they won the match. Even though we lost the match we went with happy with little sorrow. We are in saidapet ground for playing cricket and not for winning the matches. In the lost match we learned our mistakes and team effort. We planned to play in the Sunday also. 


For Sunday(22-05-2011) match I called up my roommate Sunil working in GKB Opticals. He agreed to come. He is the star batsman and bowler in our room. He is mad about cricket. He will never miss any of the India matches. He even will put leave to watch the matches. In the Sunday we eight people gathered in the ground. Only four people came on Saturday came on Sunday. Ben (me), Siva Sankar, Bharath and venkatesh were the people came in Sunday. The new people came in Sunday are Sunil, Bharath , Avinsh  from my room and Jeya from Siva sankar’s room. Sunday also we put a match with another team. We were 8 and the opponent have 11 players.We lost the toss and the opponent had a blast and they scored 89 runs in 10 overs. They just lost 4 wickets. Sunil had lost his bowling. They blasted his last two overs. They scored 18 runs in the last over.  

Siva Sankar(Captain)

Then we went to bat with the target of 90 in ten overs. Sunil and Bharath started the batting. We started the match slowly. In the second over we lost our first wicket. In the fifth over we lost the second wicket. I went to bat. I just batted just 4 balls scored 5 runs and came back and came back. Sunil was started blasting the balls in another end. In the eight over he hit 3 sixes. He scored 21 runs in the eighth over. We scored 67 runs in eight overs. We thought we will win the match if Sunil were in ground till ten overs. But we lost his wicket in the eighth over. Sunil scored a total of 43 runs. We scored 71 runs in ten overs. We lost 9 wickets. 


We lost the match again. But still we had a good fantastic match. We had a good time in the morning. We learned we should improve our batting and bowling. Hope we will improve ourselves and we will do the best in the future and we are looking forward for our Polaris cricket tournament.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

National Award for Tamil Films in 2011

Tamil Film industry had a wonderful days in the last year after some years. In the past few years, good films didn't came for the past few years. Many of the films were a great flop. Only the village based story films were hit in the past few years. Last year many films were hit the screen. But only few films were hit. 

Every year National awards were provides to the technicians and to the actors, directors and other artists for their best performance in the film. These are the award for their hard work. The award will be provided for all over India.  This time tamil films won 14 national awards. Out of the 14 awards 'Aadukalam' won 6 awards. The actor in the film 'Dhanush' won the best actor award for acting in the film. Last year also the best ctor award goes to the tamil actor Prakash Raj. This year also the best actor ward was goes to an tamil actor.

Aadukalam Team

'Aadukalam’ got the maximum trophies, including best director award for Vetrimaran; best actor for Dhaush; best original screenplay for Vetrimaran; best editing for T.E. Kishore; best choreography for Dinesh Kumar; and special mention for V.I.S. Jayaraman.

Dinesh Kumar


Vetrimaran - Director

In total, Tamil movies got 14 awards, including best actress for Saranya Ponvannan for ‘Thenmerkku Paruvakkatru’, which also got Vairamuthu the best lyricist award and was named the best Tamil film.

The Big hit of the year film Endhiran also got the award. V. Srinivas M. Mohan got the best special effects award for ‘Endhiran’, while Sabu Cyril got the best production design award for the Rajnikanth starrer blockbuster.
J. Thambi Ramaiah was named best supporting actor for ‘Mynaa’ and Sukumari won the best supporting actress award for ‘Namma Gramam’, while best costume designer award went to Indrans Jayan for ‘Namma Gramam’.

This year many new films got the award. We can say this year is best for the Tamil film industry.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enayum Kadhal - The worst Love movie in Tamil

Engaeyum Kadhal movie was released yesterday (06-05-2011).  Hero is Jeyam Ravi, Heroin is Hansika. The Director of the movie is Prabhu Deva. His last movie Pokiri was super-duper hit. So I thought this movie will be nice and went watch the movie.

Engayum kadhal Poster

Story of the Movie:

The movie begins with the song. The song was superb. I thought this movie will be nice. But in the first itself they revealed the clue to the audience. They made Prakash Raj as a comedian with just two scenes. That is an utter waste. It helped to laugh just 10 seconds.

The first half was somewhat nice because of Raju sundaram comedy. The story is simple. Ravi is a play boy. He will romance many girls in the city. He is a big business man. Hansika’s father is a detective. She will get to know about Ravi by his father. She will meet him accidently. She fell in love with Ravi. He will treat Hansika like other girls. Still he will do romance with other girls. One day Ravi will go to India. Before going to india Hansika will decide to her love. But she wouldn’t tell. That time also Ravi will take another girl. Here is the Intermission.

In the second half, Hansika will act to Ravi like she is having lot of boy-friends. Ravi will fell in love with Hansika. For the first time he will feel for a girl. He will have love with Hansika. But He will tell to her. He will act like he don’t have love with Hansika.

Engayum Kadhal - a Still

The Climax:

There will a place where every lover writes their wishes in a paper and put in water along with a rose. They will connect with their lover. Ravi will do the same. A dove will take that letter and goes to Hanshika. There she get to know about his love and they will unite.

Comments about Movie:

People who love music can go to this movie. We cannot spend 3 hours in theatre just for the songs.  The story fails with the Screenplay. The screenplay is bad. I can say this is world’s biggest mokka love story movie taken in high budget. Better not to go to theatre and watch the songs in TV.