Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vikram and Shankar Joining hands once again

Actor Chiyaan Vikram is doing a good job in acting for the past few years. But this actor faced many failure films. But he still did not lost his courage to go with new movies nor his fans. He is the ever green hero. He has struggled hard to reach this position. In 2005 Shankar and Vikam did the movie Anniyan and it is one of the big film in his career.

Vikram and Aish


Now again shankar is joining hands with vikram. shankar has approached vikram with the fresh script will full action. It is expected that Vikam will do this film after finishing his three movies, Thandavam, karikalan and the hindi movie David. 

When it comes with Shankar, it is a great treat for the audience. And now it is with Vikram. It will a double treat for the audience.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Microsoft's young Professional Died at the age of 16

Young genius: Arfa Karim

Microsoft's youngest professional has died, aged 16.

Condolences have poured in from around the world after the passing of
promising young computer genius Arfa Karim Randhawa, from Faisalabad,

 Karim pictured with Microsoft founder Bill Gates (left) in 2006
Dream come true: Karim and Microsoft founder
 Bill Gates enjoyed a brief meeting during her visit to

the U.S

The teenager died on Saturday night after complications resulting from an
epileptic stroke.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who offered to pay for Karim's treatment,
told the family he was sad to learn of her death and the loss of such a
rare talent, her father said.

Young genius: Arfa Karim Randhawa, from Faisalabad, Pakistan, became the
youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine in 2005

In her honour: Crowds gather in the streets as Arfa Karim Randhawa's body
was taken to her native village Ram Dewali, Faisalabad for burial

Funeral prayers were offered on Sunday in Lahore before her body was taken
to her native village Ram Dewali, Faisalabad for burial.

Scores of people, including Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, ministers,
politicians, friends and Karim's fellow students gathered to support the
grieving family during the procession.

According to local reports, Karim went into a coma on December 22 after
suffering an epileptic attack and cardiac arrest.

She was admitted to treatment at Combined Military Hospital in Lahore and
was on life support at the Intensive Care Unit when she suffered a
tracheotomy complication on Saturday evening that resulted in bleeding in
her throat.

Despite earlier reports her progress had improved, doctors were unable to
save her.

Karim rose to international fame when she became the youngest Microsoft
Certified Professional - a title awarded to those who master Microsoft
programs - at the age of nine in 2005.

The company website notes adults often use the certification to further
their careers in the tech field.

After earning the certification, Karim was subsequently invited to visit
Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington by founder Bill Gates.

Karim, then ten, met with Gates and other Microsoft executives during the
visit, undoubtedly impressing them with her knowledge of programming at
such a young age.

According to Geo.TV, after Karim's hospitalisation, Gates in January
reached out to the family and offered to pay for her medical care. It was
reported he also proposed moving Karim to the U.S. for better treatment,
although doctors decided it was against  her best interest given Karim was
on a ventilator.

As reports, her father, Amjad Karim, thanked the Microsoft
founder for his efforts, and said that his daughter was a spark that 'got
attention and love from everyone on the globe.'

The young girl indeed made her country proud, representing Pakistan around
the world with her incredible aptitude and skill.

Karim received the Fatimah Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of Science and
Technology, presented by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2005, and was
also the recipient of the President’s Award for Pride of Performance.

In November 2006, she was invited by Microsoft to be a part of the keynote
session in the Tech-Ed Developers conference in Barcelona. She was the only
Pakistani among over 5,000 developers in that conference, themed 'Get ahead
of the game'.

A permanent monument is also to be erected in her honour.

The IT Media City in Karachi will be renamed after the computer prodigy,
and will now be known as Arfa Karim IT Media City, Karachi, according to
local media reports.

Memorial: Youths light candles to pay homage to Arfa Karim during a
ceremony in her memory held in Peshawar

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vettai on First Day

This Pongal only two big Movies hit the screen. I did not expect that i will watch both the movies on first day. That too i watched both the movies in night Show.  Already i have written the review about the Nanban Movie. This time i am going to write about the Vettai Movie. Arya and Madhavan did the lead role. Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul are the heroine's in the movie. 

Vettai Poster 
The Movie was released on 14th January. The movie was released in the theater opposite to our house. I have no idea of watching the movie on that day. Me and my cousin belfin thought we will watch the movie by next week. Then only they will reduce the ticket price. For first day they will charge Rs. 100. That money is not worth for that theater. From second week they will charge Rs.40. That is the best price for that theater. By evening my cousin Prince's friend called and asked for movie. We decided to watch the movie. I went and booked for the Night Show. The show starts at 9.45 PM.

The movie was good. you will not get bored in the movie. the screenplay was good enough to watch for more than one time. The story is simple. The story is about two brothers. Elder brother is afraid of all things. Younger brother is strong. He will not afraid of any things. He will do the fighting's for his elder brother. Their father is a police. He will die because of heart attack. Since their father is a police, Elder brother will get the chance of becoming a police. He will afraid to go for the police job. Younger brother will make him to join in police job. 

In the police job he will face many problems. Every time younger brother will help him and elder brother will get the name in the department. Everyone in the department will think that he is brilliant and strong. He is doing all the things in alone. 

The villain will get to know about this and he will beat the elder brother with his guys. Younger will save him from the incident. But the elder brother's knee will get broke. This time younger brother will scold elder brother and help him to change. 

After from the hospital he will get change. He will become bold enough to revenge on the people who beat him. Both the brothers will join together to evade the villan in that village. 

Vettai Stiil 1

vettai Still 2

Vettai Still 3

Vettai Poster 1

Madhavan did the Elder  brother role and Arya did the younger brother role. Both of them are perfect fit for the role. Both of them are smart. The whole movie is with fun and action. Amala paul is beautiful in this movie, but not as much as in Deiva thirumagal. Arya is the lead role in the first half and Madhavan is the lead role in second half. Director had given the equal role for both the heroes. But the first hero is Arya, because he has more fight sequence and duet songs with the heroine. We can enjoy the movie with our family. Its a mass Family Entertainer.
Vettai still 4

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nanban on First Day

For every festival many films will hit the screen. For this pongal 2012 only two major film hits the screen. One is Nanban acted by Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva and the movie was directed by Sankhar. Another one is Vettai, Madhavan and Arya in leading roles. This movie was directed by Lingusamy.

Nanban Poster 1

I used to watch movies in theatre only if some good movies hit the screen. This time it happens on the first day of the movie release. Yes, I watched NANBAN movie on the first day. This is the first movie I watched on the first day night show and this is the second Vijay’s movie I watched on first day. I went to this movie with my roommates. My friend Vinoth Kamal got the ticket for Nanban in AGS theatre via his friend. We got 4 tickets for 10:40 PM show. As everyone knows it is the remake of Hindi movie “3 Idiots”, they had even copied 98% dialogues also. One thing they changed is the Songs. This movie is based on 3 heroes. Vijay did the lead role which amirkhan did in Hindi. Srikanth did the madhavan’s role and jeeva did the sharman joshi’s role. Sathyaraj did the Professor role. He is the perfect match for the role.

Nanban All Three Stars

The movie got the great story. The movie starts with takeover of a Flight. One of the hero Srikanth is in the flight. He got a call from his friend. He wants to get out of the flight. He acted like he got heart attack. In that way get out of the flight and get his friend Jeeva to his college light house building. They are expecting his beloved friend Pari (A) Panchavan Pariventhan (Vijay). But he was not there. Their class toper guy Sathyan was there. He had a bet with these three guys because of one incident. It’s the day 10 Years before from today. He had did a bet like he will be in the top position of a company and these three will not achieve in life. So he came back to show them that he had won the bet. Jeeva and Srikanth had got the kolaveri feeling against Sathyan because they missed their friend Vijay for 10 years. They even do know whether he is alive or not. But sathyan knows where he is. Pari (Vijay) is in Ooty. They started to travel ooty to visit him. Here the story starts.

The story starts in flashback. They all studied in Ideal College of Engineering. The Principal is Sathya Raj. He is strict with the students. Vijay is different from other students. Sathya Raj did not like Vijay. He always thinks differently. He even has different idea in education. His thought about education is not to memorise the content in book. We need to understand and study. He loves Sathya Raj’s daughter Ria (Iliyana). But after the completion of the degree, vijay did not contact her also.

Nanban First Poster

While on the way to ooty, Srikanth and Jeeva get to know that Iliyana is going to get married. They will go there and stop the marriage. This scene is really fun. The remaining story is whether the friends meet Vijay? Will Vijay and Iliyana join with him?

You can really enjoy the movie from the start to end. The only thing Sankar changed is the songs. They copied even the dialogues. 99% of the dialogues are same in Hindi. You will like the more if you did not watched the 3 idiots movie in hindi. The movie will be so good if all the 3 heroes might have reduced some weight like about 10 Kgs. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

My 5 days of Christmas 2011

December – is the month of Celebrations and Happiness. If we say December everyone will remember one thing. It's Christmas. It's the birthday of Lord Jesus. Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Every Christian’s will wear new dresses, cut Cake on Christmas Eve and the most important, everyone will go to Church in the morning. Every year something is special in Christmas. Likewise this is more special for me. I had a 5 days of Christmas Celebration in my hometown.

My Native is Parakkai Village in Kanyakumari District. I am working in Chennai. Every year I will go to my native place to celebrate Christmas. This year I stayed 5 days in my Native. I am staying with my cousins. So we altogether booked the train ticket for Christmas. We started our journey on 22nd December. Its 13.5 hours journey from Chennai. We reached Nagercoil by 8.30 AM.

1st Day of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas I went for purchasing. As out TV stand is very old, I planned to get a new TV stand. So I decided to get the TV Stand on first day itself. I roamed around Nagercoil Furniture shops. They Showed me many models. Finally I deceided to get the Singapore imported TV Stand for our home. Before getting the TV Stand, I went for DON 2 movie acted by Sharukhan. I enjoyed the movie in Tamil and purchased the TV stand and returned home by Night 7 PM. My dad ordered for the Sofa to our home. The sofa maker gave it on Night. My dad did not like the design given by the sofa maker. My dad selected on  Design. But he changed the design.

2nd Day of Christmas.

On the second day of Christmas Me and my cousin went to buy the Sofa cover cloth for the new sofa. We went by the Scooty bike of my cousin. We first went to the sofa cloth shops to select the design of the cloth. Finally we find a good cloth in a shop and informed the sofa maker. Then my cousin need to buy some vegetables. So we went to the Vegetable market and purchase some vegetables. It's afternoon. So we decided to have some snacks in some shop. We found a shop in DJ Centre shopping mall situated opposite to Vadasery Market. I ordered for Apple Juice and Chicken roll. .Mu cousin ordered for pomegranate juice an chicken roll. Chicken roll was good. But both the juice were worse. I never drank the juice in that taste. They put more sugar in the juice. I suggest people not to drink juice in that shop. After that I purchased Serial bulbs for the decoration in my home. We returned home. I slept for some time. My another cousin Price came to my home. We together decorated my house. We kept serial bulbs and stars in-front of my house.

3rd Day of Christmas.

3rd day is the Christmas Day. It's 25th. The most important day for all the Christians in the world. We all woke up in morning 4 AM and went to church. The Christmas service was held for 2 hours and returned home. I had a great food for the whole day. We took Chicken on that day and I had Chicken gravy for 3 times. I had bought Standard firework crackers for this Christmas eve. I had a great time with crackers after 8 years. I had never used crackers since 10th standard.

4th day and 5th Day of Christmas.

The last 2 days was nothing special. Both the days I watched TV all the time and eating Christmas sweets. I had the routine work of watching TV and eating. I had a break in one day. I met my old friends and we played Cricket for some time. On the 5th day I was invited to had lunch in my cousin's house who just got married. Me and my Cousin went to his house. I had a good biriyani  and chicken 65. I had my tummy filled. We started from Nagercoil in Kanyakumari Expess. We reached Chennai at morn 6 AM on 28th December. I had a great time in my native. I am expecting the next Chirstmas 2012. In next Christmas I am planning for 10 days from Christmas to New Year.