Monday, November 7, 2011

What my Friends will do if they had two extra hours in a day

This post is written for the Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest in the IndiBlogger website. The concept this contest is “If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?”


If I wrote about myself it will not come for more than 2 lines. So I decided to ask all my friends how they spend the extra 2 hours in a day.


I am staying with my cousins and friends. So First I asked my roommates what they will do if they come 2 hours before the usual time.



One of my cousins Price Said “I will play Cricket 2007 PC game for that two hours”. (He is crazy about Cricket. He even watches the highlights for the whole day).



Another friend Shakthi said “I will spill my works like bike cleaning, dress washing, Ironing clothes on daily basis”.


Then I decided to ask my other friends. I just messaged to all my friends this message.


“How will you spend if you got two more free hours in a day?”


As usual I did not get replies from all my friends. I got replies from few of my friends. I am sharing what they replied.


Nivedan (old Colleague in Allsec): I will go to Gym for one hour and browse in Internet for the remaining hour.


Pradeep ( friend introduced by my cousin Belfin):  I will go to aerobics gym.

Jai Sankar

Jai Sankar ( Old roommate):  I want to help to the poor people. So I will try to do some social activities.


Raja ( Colleague): I will spend that time with my family.


Selva Kumar

Selva Kumar ( Old Colleague):  I don’t need any more free hours. Already I am free for 24 hours.


Manikandadhas ( Batch guy in both Allsec and Polaris): I will sleep for those two hours.

Siva sankar


Siva Sankar ( Colleague and close friend):  I have to move forward in  my career. So i will learn new things to grow up.

Ebenezer Prince ( Cousin) : I will surf in the Internet to learn new things.

Bensh (Me)

I wrote about my friends. Finally i have to tell about myself right? nothing great, i just go to Gym reduce my belly and surf in the internet for blogging. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Secret of my thick, black hair

Today everybody is busy with their works. They even spend some time for their personal care. Even I will care for my personal beauty. Hair plays an important role in everyone’s beauty. Boys like the girls having long and black hair. We should have black and thick hair. It looks good when our hairs have more density. Many people from the city will have the common problem – “HAIR FALL”. 90% of the people from the city have the same kind of problem.

I was in Chennai city for the past 7 years. I did not face such problem in these days. Many people wonder what I will do for my hair. This is the one reason I love my hair. Here I am going to tell how I protect my hair from hair fall. I will not take much care for my hair. First I will apply “Special Coconut Oil” (Will tell u how to prepare the special coconut oil) daily 30 minutes before the bath. All the people in the city will apply oil after the bath (All the friends will do this). That’s the bad thing. This is also one of the reasons for the hair fall. We have to apply Oil before the bath. At least there should be 10 minutes gap between the oil application and the bath. Second thing I will not apply Shampoo or conditioner on every day. I will apply shampoo once in a week.

I will prepare this special Coconut Oil by myself. The ingredients needed are:
          1.    Coconut Oil
          2.    Small Onion ( Don’t use big Onions)
          3.    Jeera ( Jeeragam)
          4.    Curry Leaves
          5.    Hibiscus ( The one have petals like rose – in Tamil aduku Sembaruthi)

Cut the Small onion into small pieces. Boil the Coconut oil till it comes to boiling stage. After that put the stove in SIM and put the Jeera, small cutted onions and curry leaves and put the hibiscus in the oil and keep the oil in SIM for 5 minutes and off the stove. When the heat reduces, filter the added ingredients and keep the oil in the bottle. We can use the Oil for more than 2 months. (Eat the Jeera also it will be nice. Eat when it is hot. I love to eat that fried Jeera).

Don’t worry if you did not get the hibiscus. It is an optional. We can even prepare it without Hibiscus. After using this Oil your hair will go longer, stronger and black. I love my hair with this oil. You will also love your hair after reducing the hair fall. When you have lengthy hair every people will speak about your hair. Love your hair, care for it and it will love you back.