Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My New Mobile Phone Lava A10

In this new year i have bought a new mobile. Before i have used a Fly brand mobile. The Model number is B430. It s a Qwerty keypad phone with GPRS connection. 


Lava A10

I used that mobile for eight months. I gave that mobile to my dad and i bought a new mobile Lava A10. The Lava A10 has all the features. Its a 3.0" Full touch screen phone. Its is a dual SIM phone with 3.2 Megapixel camera with flash light. We can use the flash light as torch also. The touch sense is quick performance. Lava A10 Supports the java applications. I have installed gmail application and some games in it. Lava A10 comes with the pre-installed applications like opera-mini, Spantu and Rockie talk. It have 3 motion sensor game. Rolling ball, Real race and dice. The real race and rolling ball is nice. My office friend plays the rolling dice every time he tooks my mobile phone. The visualization os good. It has 3 home screen like in Nokia N8. 

Photo Taken In Night in my Office

Photo taken in Early Morning  (6:00 AM)

The cost of the mobile is Rs 4500. This mobile supports 16GB memory card. But the shop keeper's opinion is 8GB. So i bought 8 GB card for my mobile. It supports video formats like 3GP, Mp4 and avi. I have posted some of the photos taken with my Lava A10 mobile. To know more details about this mobile visit my sharingmythoughts blog. You can find full Specifications about this mobile.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First day in New Life AG Chruch

I am from the christian family. I used to go to church every week till 2 years back. For the past 2 years i was irregular to church prayers. I used to read bible do prayer in everyday morning and in night. I was messed up with that also. I got a job and money i needed but there is no peace in my life. Many times i used to think to go to church every week but i didn't used to go.

January 9th is the day a change came in my life. With our room mates i went to play cricket in morning. After finishing the game one of my friend Naveen asked me to go with him to New Life AG church in Saidapet. I agreed and went with him. My life has changed with the message given there and the spirit i found in the church.

We went to the 9:15 AM service. They sung songs for more than 45 Minutes. That's an English Service. That was the first English service i attended. I am not familiar with the English songs. But the Lyrics they displayed in the Monitor helped me to sing.

The Message was given by the Bro.Solomon. He gave the message with some points

            1. Remove our sin. Even one person's sin will affect many people in the crowd. That will affect the family and the Church.

            2. Do not murmur and blabber. God will not with people who murmur and blabber.

The Message was good and i liked the way of message and the songs they sung in the beginning of the Service. I made a decision to read bible daily and to attend the 9:15AM service every week.

Like me many people had came to AG Church for the first time. They did a prayer for the new people. They gave me a card and asked us to fill with our personal details. They gave us a welcome card.

Once again I am into the God Jesus. I would like to be the good son of Jesus. I got a new beginning with the Spiritual Life.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My first birth and second birth on earth

Everyone will have birth once. But do you believe that I had birth twice in a single day. Yes I had. It was 10th December 1987. On 9th December my mother got pain and my dad admitted my mom to the hospital. At 12:02AM I was born. My dad felt happy about this news. But that happiness wouldn’t lasts more than 30 minutes. He came back to see me after 30 minutes I born. He was shocked to see me. The color of my skin was changed to blue color. He was so afraid and he called the doctor to cure me. 

The Doctor came and sees me. He said “the baby’s body is full of poison. It’s hard to cure this baby”. But my father and the doctor did not loose their hope. Doctor tried his best to save and at last he did it. He saved me and he gave me a new life. I consider that’s the second birth in my life in the same day. The name of the doctor who saved me is Dr.Bensham.

My father want to name me as Yesuvadian as his father name. But as Doctor Bensham saved me and gave me a new life, my father wants his name to be a part my name. So he named as Yesu Jeya Bensh.
I had all the trouble with that name in my whole life. But I love my name because no one in this world will have my . I am unique in name. People call me as Bensh, Benz, Ben.
Yesu Jeya Bensh

I would like people calling me as Ben.