Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wonderful Weekday Trek with CTC

Its time to write about my weekday Trekking experience with Chennai Trekking Club. I went to Weekday trekking for 4 times. The trekking experience was improving every time. And the last trek(15-MAR-2016) was awesome. It as all started from Feb where i got a mail for the Weekday trek registration from Vanathi(She is the Weekday trek Organiser) stating Tuesday evening we will reach the Trekking place make a camp in the night and we prepare our dinner and in morning we have the trekking and it will by Morn 8 AM and the Trekking Location is near VIT University, Chennai. I like this deal because noway its gonna affect my work time. So i registered for the Weekday event.

Food Menu on March 15th Trek

Peter's post before the Weekday trek

    I am gonna write about the Fourth Weekday trek. I was registered as a Volunteer for Cooking from the Second trek. Me , Abdul and other volunteers used to discuss and finalize the dinner. This time I suggested for Fish or prawn curry and Rasam with White rice. In the before treks we never made any curry with white rice. Every time we made vegetable rice or Biriyani. When i suggested these dish everyone accepted the menu and Abdul made the Even better with the Chicken, Fish and mushroom barbecue.

    So the next step to prepare for the trek. We started purchasing the ingredients for the Dinner. We splitted the work among the volunteers and everything was set and we went to the campsite. Peter made a hype for the first time comers by posting the menu in Facebook. Everyone came with the expectation. The camp started as old treks. We started preparing the dinner. Volunteers started chopping the vegetables and Me started Preparing the Fish Curry and Rasam. Abdul and Anbarasan took care of Rice and Barbecue. When the preparation is almost over a guy named Gindal started playing Guitar with some Hindi songs and English songs as he do know Tamil. It was amazing. No one expected this. Because we never had a instrumental play in before camps. Also he played well. Few people started singing with him and the place was so amazing. We are sitting near a Mountain with cool breeze, Fire for warm, Music and dance and with the lovely people. What else we need to be happy. Its one of the memorable moment for many people in the camp.

Camp Site shooted by Jaya Kishore 

Camp Site
Once we prepared dinner we started serving. Everyone enjoyed the food as it was came good. To our Surprise nothing was left. In every camp some small amount of curry will be left. But this time everything was over. After the dinner we started the barbecue and the music continues with dance. As many people were enjoying with the Music, they didn't come for barbecue( that's good for the barbecue lovers). We started with the Mushroom, then chicken and finished with Fish. The Night camp was satisfied in all the way, Good food, Music, dance and good ambiance by staying in nature. It was really a break from the City Corporate life.


     And in the morning we started little late by 6 AM for the trek. Peter took us to a new trek place and we started walking. The new place was amazing and little difficult for the first time trekkers. Somehow everyone managed to reach the top to visit the city from the hilltop. We spend some time in the top and returned back.

Group Photo at the Hill Top - Photo By Jay

Group Photo - 2

 The Overall experience was wonderful. It not about trekking. The night camp and trekking gives us the opportunity to meet new people and make some friends from different places. We all have friends from our college or the work place with same industry. Here we can meet people working in different domain, entrepreneurs, working in different Industry. Its moreover bonding people from different background. We come as strangers and leave as friends. This is what happens every time with the Chennai Trekking Club Camps. Happy to be the part of Wonderful team.

        Here is the Video Uploaded by Peter in You Tube



Jay Photos:

Jaya Kishore Photos:

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chennai Trekking Club Adayar River Bank Cleanup - An Initiative to make Chennai City Clean

Its been a long gap to my blog. Last time i was posted was in 2012. CTC inspired me to write a post to my blog. This post is for the Chennai Trekking Club Adayar River Bank Cleanup Phase-14.

I was part of Chennai Trekking Club for a long time(almost 4 years). First time I got to know about Chennai Trekking Club via my college friend Yashwanth for Chennai Coastal Cleanup. After that I got to know about their Trekking, Running and Cycling events and participated in the events in 2012. After i joined M.E in part time i didnt find time to participate the events conducted by CTC. I used to participate only in the Coastal Cleanup. So it was a long Gap for 3 years. After i finished my Degree, I got time and started participating in Swimming , Sapling Plantation and Weekday Treks.

No one forget the Rain which was poured out in Chennai in last year. CTC has did a massive job during the flood by rescuing and providing shelter and food to the affected people. I Joined them in the camp in tambaram for seggregating the goods.

I also joined with my cousin Dr,Bijivin to provide the medical needs and went to villivakkam area and got Infected for 3 days. So i stopped going to the flood affected area because i was afraid that i will get sick again. CTC started the Cleanup activities in and around Chennai with the ambition to clean the city. I wannted to go to the cleanup activity but afraid of infection and didint register for the event eventhough they conduct the clenup activity twice in a week. When i see the photos of the cleanup and how they cleaned the dirty place, i felt ashamed of myself that i am giving blame excuse by myself not to attend the cleanup activity. So i decided to attend the upcoming cleanup activity.

I have registered for the Adayar River Bank cleanup Phase-14. Today (02-MAR-2016) morning i kept alarm at 5AM and Woke up at that time at started from Ambattur to Kotturpuram. When i reached the Meeting point, i saw few faces used to see in Swimming . We started from the place at 6AM and reached the adayar river bank. The gloves and the bags were distributed to everyone and we started cleaning the place. Everyone stared collecting the garbage in the bags provided. Some people have finished their night shift and joined the cleanup. Most of the Younsters came for the activity was engineers, doctors and corporate employees.

When i started cleaning all i found was Plastic carry bags and Biscuit covers. Most of the dumps were plastics and few clothes. Me and another one friend found a water tunnel was blocked as there is no place for the water to go. So we started digging the place and all we found is Carry bags and plastic covers. They blocked the way for the water flow and it smell was too bad. At that point i understood the impact of using the plastic carry bags. Then we digged and took all the garbage's outside and made way for the water flow. In the mean time, Others too filled their bags with garbage's and the time was 7:30. It was the leaving time. I got a satisfaction that at least we cleared a block in the tunnel and made way for the water flow.

Volunteers with Peter Van Geit and Ahamed Hanifa

When taking to another one person who is a regular volunteer for the cleanup activity said that before they start the cleanup activity, The localities used the river bank for their nature calls. Once CTC started cleaning the place they realized that is wrong and its their responsibility to keep the bank clean. So stopped using that place for their nature calls. I wondered how CTC changing people life style by taking an initiative like this. I felt proud to be part of Chennai Trekking Club. A Big Change in the Society happens with the small step and CTC has taken that small step and it started growing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Having Good Time in College Of Engineering Guindy

Attendance, Internals, Externals, Marks, Assignment, Assessment, Classes, labs, exercise, Homework, Notes, Etc., Hearing these kind of words after 3 years in my life. I am exited to be in college again after 3 years. This time am in Anna University, College Of Engineering Campus.

I finished my B.E in CSE in 2009. My parents asked me to continue masters as it was recession at that time. But i had a faith that i will get a job. As said i got a good job 7 months after the completion of the degree. I joined Polaris software labs( now Polaris Financial Technologies). After joining the company i  didn't thought of higher studies. After one year i tried to pursue MBA in IGNOU. But due to some reason, i couldn't pursue. 

My parents advised to do a masters every time. I planned to do the Maters after completion of 2 years experience in my job. I have completed my 2 Years of experience by this January. So i decided to do my masters. But i cant leave my job. So, decided to do the Masters in Part-Time. Wrote the TANCET exam, applied for Counseling and got the Set for M.E in Systems Engineering and Operational Research. 

The Classes started in 6th September. The Class is going Fine. Most of the people in the class is working. One Lady is working as a HOD in one college. One guy is working in BSNL as a JTO. It's a different experience studying with different aged people in one class. In the UG class everyone will be of same age or there will one or two years difference. But in part-time class here people are in different age. We have age difference like 5, 10 years. 

This time i am studying in University campus. This one reason is enough to be exited. The mark system is differ from affiliated colleges. It's a great feel to be in University campus. Once again i am in College with my juniors and seniors. 

Every one in part-time course is coming to college with some risk. 25 people had taken the course, 18 people did the admission and around 14 to 15 people are coming to college. I do know how many people will complete the degree. I do know even i can finish the degree. Every one in the class is having some dreams. Hope everyone finish the degree and succeed in the life.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Weekend Trip to Yercaud

Every Year from our team We used to go for team outing. We have our best moments in there. All the days we talk about the project, about office. These are the two or three days we forget about office and speak other than office. Every time we book the train/Bus tickets, hotels and local transport in advance.

This year we planned for Yercuad. This is the first time am visiting Yercaud. In  my team they visited yercaud 5 years ago. We started planning two months before. This time we had only two days. So the tour was planned on 8th and 9th of September. The train ticket, Hotel and 21 seater bus for Local transport was booked before.

At the hotel

The Party Started on Th Night itself. One guy from our team gave treat on Friday night. The train was started on 11:00PM. The train reached Salem around 6:15 am. From Salem Railway Station we traveled to the hotel via the 21 Seater bus. We had the breakfast and we started to visit the tourist places. First we went to the pakoda point.The pakoda point was located in the top of the hill. The View was amazing. We had some snapping there. Then we went to Rose garden. After that we returned to Hotel. While returning we bought a Cricket bat and two balls to play cricket in hotel.

At Pakoda point -1

Beauty view from pakoda point

A Still

Houses at down


Clouds view from the top

Simply better

Treat !!!!

In evening we started playing cricket. It continued till night. I had the great time in playing cricket. I remembered my college days. In my college days my friends used to bunk the class and they come to my room. We used to play cricket in our terrace. we used to have lot of fun in those days. We used to follow the gilly cricket rules. The Rules are:

1. One Pitch catch was Out.
2. If the batsman loses 3 balls continuously, he was out.
3. If the batsman hit 6, he is out.
4. Winner team will bat first.
5. If we have odd number of players, one player will bat and bowl for both the      teams. We call him as joker.

In the hotel we followed some of the rules. We had lot of fun while playing cricket. We used to laugh all the time. 

In Sunday Morn the driver took us to a hill top. We had some photo sessions and started playing cricket in the hill top. It was a new experience playing in the hill top. Thanks for my Senior PM Elan ( He only suggested to get bat and ball to play cricket in hotel). We played cricket till noon and went to Boating. 

Monkey having Maaza




With Coolers

Don Don

Simple Walk

Cool Snap

Yuva Team


This is the second time i was into boating. Me and my colleague Varun went for the ride. The Ride was amazing. While starting from that place we were surrounded by mist. Every time i used hear from the people that mist will cover us in the hill stations so that we cant even see whats in front of us. This is the first time i experienced that. 

Boat Riding

Me and Varun at boat riding

Sekhar With his family

Venkatesh and Bazurudhin

vamshi, his wife, Bharath and Shravan

Water View

For Night dinner driver stopped the bus near the Salem bus stand. Some of us planned to get parota. So we started searching the parota stall. We were walking for more than 1Km. We did not found a single parota stall. All we found is the star hotels near the bus stand. Atlast we found the parota stall and bought the parota and returned to bus. While returning we found a parota stall near to the place where we parked the bus. Everyone was like Ahhhhhh!!!!!!. If we might have found that stall at the begining, we might have not walked for a long time. The train to Chennai was started around 9 PM and reached Chennai by 4:30 AM. 

We may had the tour for just 2 days. But the memories were last for long time. No one will forget the fun we did in the tour. We may not be together after few years. But when we see each other or when we start a talk about the tour, Everyone will remember the good moments in all the tour. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bought new Digital Camera from Zoomin Hot Deal

Every time i go  outside with friends or for a family function, i would like to take pictures with everyone. Every time i get the camera from my friend. I was planning to get a Digital camera around Rs.5,000/-. I started looking for the camera before 6 months. Every time i plan to get a camera, but all the time i will have some other expenses. 

On last Sunday just like that i was visited the website for camera deals. They had a good deal for 14 Mega pixel camera. The best deal was FujiFilm camera. They provided that camera for Rs 3499/-. The actual price for that camera was Rs.5200/-. I had ordered the camera on Sunday. It was mentioned the product will delivered in 7-14 working days. But i got the camera delivered in just 2 days. Tuesday(today) i got the camera via FedEx courier service.

The service was really good. They packed the camera in a good way.  The package and the camera photos are here:


Camera Box


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Billa II on First Day

Billa II is the most expected release of the year 2012 in Tamil industry. Because it is the Pre sequel of the super hit movie of Billa. Ajith Kumar is in the lead and Parvathi Omankuttan. 

Billa II 
After the Hit of Mankatha, the most expected movie for thala. Everyone expected it will a treat to the 'thala' fans. The movie narrates how David Billa has become the Don of Underworld. 

It was brilliant that the childhood life was shown in images. The movie starts in the camp. The Dialogues are superb in throughout the movie. Punch dialogues are not too much and they are real punches. The movie is full of violence. The editing and visualization are good. It was a new era in Tamil Film industry. The movie was made for the A-center people. I hope the movie wont be reach high in B and C Centers. 

Billa 2 poster
The movie was in Hollywood style. But failed in some sequences. No comedy and no sentiments in the movie. It just narrates Billa Life. Some scenes were not up to the mark. It was really 'mokka'. As they were important sequences in the film they might have taken that scenes even better. 


Two songs were missing in the film. Song sequence were good. Especially "Unakul oru mirugam" visual was made in a right way. Editing was good. 

Movie wont be good for the people who like the hero need a introduction song, fighting with 100 and 1000's of villans, kuttu song in the middle and fighting with deadly weapons. 

The movie was not superb or not too bad. Its an average movie and we can watch it for one time.