Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enayum Kadhal - The worst Love movie in Tamil

Engaeyum Kadhal movie was released yesterday (06-05-2011).  Hero is Jeyam Ravi, Heroin is Hansika. The Director of the movie is Prabhu Deva. His last movie Pokiri was super-duper hit. So I thought this movie will be nice and went watch the movie.

Engayum kadhal Poster

Story of the Movie:

The movie begins with the song. The song was superb. I thought this movie will be nice. But in the first itself they revealed the clue to the audience. They made Prakash Raj as a comedian with just two scenes. That is an utter waste. It helped to laugh just 10 seconds.

The first half was somewhat nice because of Raju sundaram comedy. The story is simple. Ravi is a play boy. He will romance many girls in the city. He is a big business man. Hansika’s father is a detective. She will get to know about Ravi by his father. She will meet him accidently. She fell in love with Ravi. He will treat Hansika like other girls. Still he will do romance with other girls. One day Ravi will go to India. Before going to india Hansika will decide to her love. But she wouldn’t tell. That time also Ravi will take another girl. Here is the Intermission.

In the second half, Hansika will act to Ravi like she is having lot of boy-friends. Ravi will fell in love with Hansika. For the first time he will feel for a girl. He will have love with Hansika. But He will tell to her. He will act like he don’t have love with Hansika.

Engayum Kadhal - a Still

The Climax:

There will a place where every lover writes their wishes in a paper and put in water along with a rose. They will connect with their lover. Ravi will do the same. A dove will take that letter and goes to Hanshika. There she get to know about his love and they will unite.

Comments about Movie:

People who love music can go to this movie. We cannot spend 3 hours in theatre just for the songs.  The story fails with the Screenplay. The screenplay is bad. I can say this is world’s biggest mokka love story movie taken in high budget. Better not to go to theatre and watch the songs in TV.

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