Thursday, March 1, 2012

Badminton on Every day

Everyone will love to play games in all the age. But most of them will not get time after they got a job. They will be busy with their office work. Everyone will start living a mechanical life. Wake up in morning, go to office, work till night, eat dinner, Sleep. The Same thing will happen in all days. There is no balance in their life. Due to this, the fat content will increase and it leads to many diseases. 

I was like that for more than one year. Because of that, my belly increases. I faced many problems. Without any body work, i feel lazy and i feel i lost my strength. But i lived with no way. I was working in Mount road branch office. There is no Gym or play ground. But our Navalur office will have Badminton court, basket ball court, Gym, billiards and table tennis. By luck we got shifted to navalur office. From that we started playing badminton every day. 

In my room also i requested my friends to play badminton every day. So we started playyig badminton in our room also. I feel better after playing every day. I feel energy in body. One hour is enough for our body. We feel relaxation. It is a great relaxation after our work. We are not born to just do a job. We are here to enjoy our life. We need money. We need to work. At the same time spend some time to our health and to our family. If our body has disease, there is no meaning in working hard. Then we need to give all our money to the hospital.

Work hard, Play Well, Enjoy the life.

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