Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Get rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs. Many people will get sick when they hear the name. They wont spread any diseases. They just suck your blood at night and make your night sleepless. 

I had a bad experience with bed bugs. I have bed bugs in my room and i was struggling hard to get rid of bed bugs. I searched many ways to kill bed bugs. But i was able to kill one few of them. Because it's very hard to find the bed bugs in the hidden places. All of them will stay in hidden places only. 

I have tried Baygon spray, Allout Spray, HIT ,Bug Killer and kerosene. With all these things, i was able to stop them only for one or two days. i searched about them in Internet and find a way to kill them. It worked much better than any other method. 

I found bed bugs can't able to walk in polish surface and they can walk in oil. So i decided to apply oil in all the corners of the wall and floor. As decided i applied Oil in all the corners. On that night we slept peacefully after a long time.

Died bed bugs in Red Circle
Bed bugs come out of the hidden places in night, fell in Oil and dies. Applying Oil will not kill all the bed bugs in one day. But it will help us to control the bed bugs.

Tips to apply Oil:

1. Apply all the corners of the floor and Wall so that the oil stays in floor.
2. Apply oil frequently when the oil dries.
3. Never keep anything in contact with the wall.


  1. Interesting Blog!!The most effective ways is to go for the bed bug mattress covers that will at least prevent the bugs from coming out.

  2. I am also trying to deal with bed bugs in my living room’s rugs. But I don’t want to hire professional services for that and searching DIY methods to remove them. Recently got to know about a simple heat treatment for bed bugs and will try this soon. Hope this works!