Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Having Good Time in College Of Engineering Guindy

Attendance, Internals, Externals, Marks, Assignment, Assessment, Classes, labs, exercise, Homework, Notes, Etc., Hearing these kind of words after 3 years in my life. I am exited to be in college again after 3 years. This time am in Anna University, College Of Engineering Campus.

I finished my B.E in CSE in 2009. My parents asked me to continue masters as it was recession at that time. But i had a faith that i will get a job. As said i got a good job 7 months after the completion of the degree. I joined Polaris software labs( now Polaris Financial Technologies). After joining the company i  didn't thought of higher studies. After one year i tried to pursue MBA in IGNOU. But due to some reason, i couldn't pursue. 

My parents advised to do a masters every time. I planned to do the Maters after completion of 2 years experience in my job. I have completed my 2 Years of experience by this January. So i decided to do my masters. But i cant leave my job. So, decided to do the Masters in Part-Time. Wrote the TANCET exam, applied for Counseling and got the Set for M.E in Systems Engineering and Operational Research. 

The Classes started in 6th September. The Class is going Fine. Most of the people in the class is working. One Lady is working as a HOD in one college. One guy is working in BSNL as a JTO. It's a different experience studying with different aged people in one class. In the UG class everyone will be of same age or there will one or two years difference. But in part-time class here people are in different age. We have age difference like 5, 10 years. 

This time i am studying in University campus. This one reason is enough to be exited. The mark system is differ from affiliated colleges. It's a great feel to be in University campus. Once again i am in College with my juniors and seniors. 

Every one in part-time course is coming to college with some risk. 25 people had taken the course, 18 people did the admission and around 14 to 15 people are coming to college. I do know how many people will complete the degree. I do know even i can finish the degree. Every one in the class is having some dreams. Hope everyone finish the degree and succeed in the life.

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