Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wonderful Weekday Trek with CTC

Its time to write about my weekday Trekking experience with Chennai Trekking Club. I went to Weekday trekking for 4 times. The trekking experience was improving every time. And the last trek(15-MAR-2016) was awesome. It as all started from Feb where i got a mail for the Weekday trek registration from Vanathi(She is the Weekday trek Organiser) stating Tuesday evening we will reach the Trekking place make a camp in the night and we prepare our dinner and in morning we have the trekking and it will by Morn 8 AM and the Trekking Location is near VIT University, Chennai. I like this deal because noway its gonna affect my work time. So i registered for the Weekday event.

Food Menu on March 15th Trek

Peter's post before the Weekday trek

    I am gonna write about the Fourth Weekday trek. I was registered as a Volunteer for Cooking from the Second trek. Me , Abdul and other volunteers used to discuss and finalize the dinner. This time I suggested for Fish or prawn curry and Rasam with White rice. In the before treks we never made any curry with white rice. Every time we made vegetable rice or Biriyani. When i suggested these dish everyone accepted the menu and Abdul made the Even better with the Chicken, Fish and mushroom barbecue.

    So the next step to prepare for the trek. We started purchasing the ingredients for the Dinner. We splitted the work among the volunteers and everything was set and we went to the campsite. Peter made a hype for the first time comers by posting the menu in Facebook. Everyone came with the expectation. The camp started as old treks. We started preparing the dinner. Volunteers started chopping the vegetables and Me started Preparing the Fish Curry and Rasam. Abdul and Anbarasan took care of Rice and Barbecue. When the preparation is almost over a guy named Gindal started playing Guitar with some Hindi songs and English songs as he do know Tamil. It was amazing. No one expected this. Because we never had a instrumental play in before camps. Also he played well. Few people started singing with him and the place was so amazing. We are sitting near a Mountain with cool breeze, Fire for warm, Music and dance and with the lovely people. What else we need to be happy. Its one of the memorable moment for many people in the camp.

Camp Site shooted by Jaya Kishore 

Camp Site
Once we prepared dinner we started serving. Everyone enjoyed the food as it was came good. To our Surprise nothing was left. In every camp some small amount of curry will be left. But this time everything was over. After the dinner we started the barbecue and the music continues with dance. As many people were enjoying with the Music, they didn't come for barbecue( that's good for the barbecue lovers). We started with the Mushroom, then chicken and finished with Fish. The Night camp was satisfied in all the way, Good food, Music, dance and good ambiance by staying in nature. It was really a break from the City Corporate life.


     And in the morning we started little late by 6 AM for the trek. Peter took us to a new trek place and we started walking. The new place was amazing and little difficult for the first time trekkers. Somehow everyone managed to reach the top to visit the city from the hilltop. We spend some time in the top and returned back.

Group Photo at the Hill Top - Photo By Jay

Group Photo - 2

 The Overall experience was wonderful. It not about trekking. The night camp and trekking gives us the opportunity to meet new people and make some friends from different places. We all have friends from our college or the work place with same industry. Here we can meet people working in different domain, entrepreneurs, working in different Industry. Its moreover bonding people from different background. We come as strangers and leave as friends. This is what happens every time with the Chennai Trekking Club Camps. Happy to be the part of Wonderful team.

        Here is the Video Uploaded by Peter in You Tube



Jay Photos:

Jaya Kishore Photos:


  1. Hello sir, I just read u r trekking experience, its really awesome. I am Dr manikanta, new to Chennai, its my long term desire to go for a trek like what u guys hav made, request next time pls let me know and pls let me know the details, of Chennai trekking club, mob, 7299210400.

    1. Just visit and register. You will get mail for every events in you forum tab. You can register the events you like.,

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