Monday, January 3, 2011

My first birth and second birth on earth

Everyone will have birth once. But do you believe that I had birth twice in a single day. Yes I had. It was 10th December 1987. On 9th December my mother got pain and my dad admitted my mom to the hospital. At 12:02AM I was born. My dad felt happy about this news. But that happiness wouldn’t lasts more than 30 minutes. He came back to see me after 30 minutes I born. He was shocked to see me. The color of my skin was changed to blue color. He was so afraid and he called the doctor to cure me. 

The Doctor came and sees me. He said “the baby’s body is full of poison. It’s hard to cure this baby”. But my father and the doctor did not loose their hope. Doctor tried his best to save and at last he did it. He saved me and he gave me a new life. I consider that’s the second birth in my life in the same day. The name of the doctor who saved me is Dr.Bensham.

My father want to name me as Yesuvadian as his father name. But as Doctor Bensham saved me and gave me a new life, my father wants his name to be a part my name. So he named as Yesu Jeya Bensh.
I had all the trouble with that name in my whole life. But I love my name because no one in this world will have my . I am unique in name. People call me as Bensh, Benz, Ben.
Yesu Jeya Bensh

I would like people calling me as Ben.

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