Sunday, January 9, 2011

My First day in New Life AG Chruch

I am from the christian family. I used to go to church every week till 2 years back. For the past 2 years i was irregular to church prayers. I used to read bible do prayer in everyday morning and in night. I was messed up with that also. I got a job and money i needed but there is no peace in my life. Many times i used to think to go to church every week but i didn't used to go.

January 9th is the day a change came in my life. With our room mates i went to play cricket in morning. After finishing the game one of my friend Naveen asked me to go with him to New Life AG church in Saidapet. I agreed and went with him. My life has changed with the message given there and the spirit i found in the church.

We went to the 9:15 AM service. They sung songs for more than 45 Minutes. That's an English Service. That was the first English service i attended. I am not familiar with the English songs. But the Lyrics they displayed in the Monitor helped me to sing.

The Message was given by the Bro.Solomon. He gave the message with some points

            1. Remove our sin. Even one person's sin will affect many people in the crowd. That will affect the family and the Church.

            2. Do not murmur and blabber. God will not with people who murmur and blabber.

The Message was good and i liked the way of message and the songs they sung in the beginning of the Service. I made a decision to read bible daily and to attend the 9:15AM service every week.

Like me many people had came to AG Church for the first time. They did a prayer for the new people. They gave me a card and asked us to fill with our personal details. They gave us a welcome card.

Once again I am into the God Jesus. I would like to be the good son of Jesus. I got a new beginning with the Spiritual Life.

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