Friday, April 1, 2011

Chennai Roads on IND VS PAK Semi-Finals.

I got this message to my mail. I am sharing this to all the people.

Hello happy Cricket fans!!!

When India was taking on Pakistan at World cup Semi-Final at Mohali on 30 March 2011, the entire India was glued to the television sets. The emotions were very high ranging from nervousness, pressure, agony, ecstasy, anguish, desperation, worry, despondency, hope, etc. Pakistan went ahead and declared national holiday. In India, although some of the corporate declared holiday but many of them were still functioning with a bigscreen set up in the middle of the office. Those poor fellows who didn’t receive such a courtesy, declared holiday for themselves!!!

Chennai too was not far behind. On the match hours, the streets were completely BLANK!!!!

The shops were empty; buses were empty; malls were empty; theatres were empty; streets were empty; why even the TASMAC was not having their regular sales!!!!

This is the day the nation took a break from regular miseries and enjoyed the victory!!!
On that extraordinary, uncommon, unusual evening, - between 6.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. - I took a visit along some of the EVER CROWDY streets of Chennai like Usman road, Ranganathan street, Panagal park, Mount road, Nungambakkam High road, Kodambakkam high road and captured the EMPTINESS!!!!

How many times have you seen Ranaganathna street, at Pothys, at Saravana stores – there is not more than 10% of space occupied by customers!!!! Even for them it must have been a lifetime experience!!!!

Relieve those moments in the photographs that follow!!!

K.V. Anand
(Thanks to my Friend who inspired me to skip the high profile match and to go out to capture this occasion)


Usman Road

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