Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deiva Thirumagan Movie - an another milestone for Chiyan Vikram

Every morning people will be very busy. Everyone will be busy to get ready for office, college or school. Like that today morning i was ironing my shirt pants. In our room we people will watch at all the time. TV will be switch on for till we all left the room. Today(05-04-2011) is the first time i saw the Deiva Thirumagan Trailer. While ironing my shirt, in TV i just saw they are showing some guy with mentally disabled. When i took a look it was Vikram and i was surprised. Its a new movie for Vikram. I am a fan of Vikram and i am happy to  see his next film on the screen.  After a long time Vikram's movie is hitting the screen. The movie name is Deiva Thirumagan. This movie will be an another milestone for Vikram. Always Vikram rocks in his performance. Last two films was not satisfied his audience in entertainment. Hope this movie will satisfy all the audience. Watch the Official Trailer of Deiva Thirumagan.

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