Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prescription eyewear for the Vision Problem

Eye is the most important part in our organisms. Eye is the vision for everyone. Eye is the light to the human. Without eyes, the world would be blind. We cannot enjoy the god’s gift without eyes. We have many places to watch with our eyes. Every people are not lucky to have the eyes without vision problem. Most of the people have the vision problem. Some people will have the colour blindness; some have the long sight or the sight problem. I too have the vision problem. 

I have short sight and I cannot see the people and the places that are long. I found my vision problem when I was studying 12th standard. I was sitting at the last bench and I couldn’t read the letters on the board. I went to eye check-up in the next day. The doctor prescript some tablet and an eyewear and advised to wear the prescription eyewear. That’s the day I started wearing the eyewear. I go for the eye check-up every 6 months and continuing wearing the prescription eyewear. When I wear the glasses, the vision is clear. Even with the eyewear, the vision will be good only if we bought the good lenses and the frame. Some lenses will not be clear after some days. Many brands of eyewear are available with good looking frames and with fancy frames. Many people wear the eyewear for fashion.

Many people will look good with the eyewear. All the people in the world would like to wear the stylish sunglasses. These glasses will give them a good look and comfort in the summer against the sunlight. It is an protection to the eyes.

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