Friday, August 5, 2011

A Girl at KFC, Spencer Plaza

Every Friday I used to go to the Planet Yumm or the Akshya food court in spencer plaza to have the lunch. We used to eat in the Multi cuisine hotels. Some days we go to the Thalapakattu biriyani hotel. Most of the many people from our team will go together. Some days very few of us will go there.

Today me and my friend Siva Sankar went to Wangs Kitchen in Planet Yumm.  Next to our table two girls and two boys were eating in the KFC. Two girls and one boy are foreigner. One guy is from India. Everyone looks rich. Hope they were studying in same college and they might have come for vacation. We ordered in the Wangs Kitchen and we were waited to get our order.

KFC Logo

Four of them eating in the KFC had their food and washed their hands. One girl from that troop has got our attention. Not because of her beauty (Of-course she is pretty), it’s because of her attitude. She cleaned the table. She took all the plates, cool drink bottles, tissue papers and she was about to put the wastages to the dust bin. At that time the cleaning boy took the plate and he cleaned the table. At the mean time one of her friend had wasted the food. She was holding the plate having the wasted food and her face shows that she felt bad to waste the food. I was wondering even in the rich family, people are they with good culture and with good behaviours. I was really impressed by that girl. Her parents are really good. They grow up the girl with discipline. I had bad impression about the rich people and the people from the rich countries like USA, UK. I thought the people from that country will do the macho kind of things in-front of others. But she changed my mind. She showed that some good peoples are also there in the rich people society. Her parents will really get proud of her.

KFC Chicken

We were in India. Have you ever felt of cleaning the table at the restaurant where we had the food or do you even arrange the plates in the table? We will leave all the as such in the table in the treat occasions. I am not asking to clean the table. Just arrange the dish plates so that it will be easier for the cleaners to clean the plates. Today after I saw the girl, I did the same thing. I arranged the dish plates and came. Not only in the hotels. Please don’t split on the road and don’t throw the waste in the roads. Try to keep our home and street clean. If everyone kept our home and street clean, whole India will be clean. 

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