Friday, September 16, 2011

Black Days in my life - Part I

Every man has some heals in their heart. Every success man has struggled hard in some days. Everyone have some black days in their life. I too have some black days in my life. I finished my B.E(CSE) degree in May 2009. Many of my friends got the job in 3, 4 months. Many of them also struggled hard to get the job. I got a nice job 7 months after the completion of my degree. I faced many problems as well as frustrated a lot in those days. 

After the completion of my degree, i had a feel that i will not get a job in the Software industry as i did not know any programming language. I thought of searching the job in the BPO industry or in some other industry. I tried for 15 days in Chennai. As my dad wants me to be with him, he called me every day to come native. I did not want to go to my native place Nagercoil. There are only very few companies that pay us Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per month for our whole life.

With my dad compulsion, i went to native. With our Church paster's wife reference i attended the interview in Guru Nanak College of Engineering for the post of lecturer in Computer Science Engineering. I went to attend the interview in half minded. I was not really interested in teaching profession at that time. I just went to attend the interview for my father's satisfaction. Finally i did not got selected. My Dad was so sad at that time as i have not get the good job. I was felt ashamed to stay in my home. I want to be out of my home. I want to be in Chennai so that i can manage my own expenses with some small jobs. 

After some days two of my room mates got the job some KPO company. I fought with my dad to allow me to stay in Chennai. My dad also felt bad to keep me there and allowed me to come to Chennai. By the next day i came to Chennai and attended the interview. But unfortunately they did not recruited B.E graduates at that time. I felt very bad at that day. But i did not lose my hope. With hope i attended some other companies. Finally i got a job in a company called X-Treme. It is an marketing company. While recruiting they are making many youngsters fool. While in recruitment they said that company is an Management based company. Within 2 years our salary will be Rs. 2,00,000 based up on our performance.  They said the starting salary will be Rs.16,000. I believed them. They said that they will appoint us as Management Trainee. It is a Cobra Group of Company.They said for the first six months, we have to serve for our nation. So we need to work as a Fund Raiser for C.R.Y  organization. 

With these condition, i joined in that company. After one week, i got to know about the real fact of the company. The company has the business of only with the C.R.Y fund Raising. I was shocked after hearing that from a person. By the Second week the manager confirmed the commission details. The salary they said is not the actual salary. The salary is based up on the fund we are raising to the C.R.Y organization. As the C.R.Y organization is based upon charity, i felt bad to work for commission basis for this charity. But i had no other way, as i have to stay in Chennai, i need some money for my expenses. For the whole month, i got Rs.3500 from that company. But i struggled hard to raise the funds. I have to visit every houses and the shops in all over the Chennai. Some people even will scold. Some people will treat as like thief. For this job i have to start from my room at 7AM in the morning and will reach room at 10PM. I lost my weight of 5KG in one month with this job. I thought it is the time to shift my job. 

In that mean time i got an Offer in IHA as a Trainer. I felt like i got an another importunity in my life. But that too made me mad in later. I will continue my remaining black days in the next part. 

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