Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mankatha at Casino

In our office, all the team mates will watch the new movies after some days. This is the first time we together watched a movie on the Second day. We watched the movie “Mankatha” at “Casino” in Mount road near Richie Street. We totally eight people went for the movie. My office mates booked the ticket for the movie yesterday (31-08-2011) without informing. They informed me after they booked the ticket. We went to 6:30PM show today (01-09-2011).

Mankatha is the most awaited film for “Thala” Ajith Kumar. The film has come after one and a half year release of Ajith’s Asal Movie. This movie had the most expectation. It has many reasons. It is the 50th film for Ajith. First time Vankat Prabhu has joined with “Thala” Ajith along with his troop.

Thala Ajith

This film is a great treat for the “Thala” Ajith Fans. Everyone has done their job perfect. The film started with 10Km speed and ends with 200Km speed. The First half is little bit boring at some scenes. In the second half the movie goes in high speed. The Movie was do Awsome.

Thala’s introduction and Action King’s introduction was amazing. The screenplay of the movie was amazing. The movie has many twists. The main plus for the movie was the Background Music. Yuvan has proved once again he is the son of Isai Gnani. No doubt, he is the next AR Rahman for the tamil industry.

Mankatha Poster

Thala Ajith’s performance was amazing. No one can do this role this much perfect. Thala is the perfect match for this role. He had done the Anti-Hero kind of role after Vaali.  He was also danced in this movie. The film has the mass of Super star’s movie. The hero role suits for Ajith 100%. No other actor can give this much output for this role. His appearance, the style he showed is perfect for the role.


I liked the dialouge’s “This is my f****** game”, “MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY” , “ Enimae thanniae adika koodathu” and the laugh of Ajith “HA HA HA”. “Thala” also tried to do the comedy in this film and it worked for him. The scene in the train with Ashwin and Vaibhav was a great laugh for the viewer’s when the movie was in series track.

Action King Arjun also did a good role in this movie. I never expect the movie ends like this. It is a great twist and the good ending in this movie.  Ajith’s introduction like “billa” after the death in the climax was fantastic.

Mankatha - Thala Game

It was the great movie of Ajith I ever watched. You can see a new Ajith in “MANKATHA”. Premji, Vaibhav, Manoj, Ashwin, Aravind and all other actor and actress had done a wonderful job in this movie. The movie is all about a robbery of the IPL gambling money. Four people are planning to rob the gambling money from the big DON of the gambling and Ajith pairs with them and rob the money. Everything will get finish in First half. What happened then is the second half. Watch the movie in theatres and don’t ask for the story to any of the friends.



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  2. I should watch this film Will it, by any chance, improve my casino gambling skills if I watched this? I mean, did the movie suggest some casino tips?

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