Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nanban on First Day

For every festival many films will hit the screen. For this pongal 2012 only two major film hits the screen. One is Nanban acted by Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva and the movie was directed by Sankhar. Another one is Vettai, Madhavan and Arya in leading roles. This movie was directed by Lingusamy.

Nanban Poster 1

I used to watch movies in theatre only if some good movies hit the screen. This time it happens on the first day of the movie release. Yes, I watched NANBAN movie on the first day. This is the first movie I watched on the first day night show and this is the second Vijay’s movie I watched on first day. I went to this movie with my roommates. My friend Vinoth Kamal got the ticket for Nanban in AGS theatre via his friend. We got 4 tickets for 10:40 PM show. As everyone knows it is the remake of Hindi movie “3 Idiots”, they had even copied 98% dialogues also. One thing they changed is the Songs. This movie is based on 3 heroes. Vijay did the lead role which amirkhan did in Hindi. Srikanth did the madhavan’s role and jeeva did the sharman joshi’s role. Sathyaraj did the Professor role. He is the perfect match for the role.

Nanban All Three Stars

The movie got the great story. The movie starts with takeover of a Flight. One of the hero Srikanth is in the flight. He got a call from his friend. He wants to get out of the flight. He acted like he got heart attack. In that way get out of the flight and get his friend Jeeva to his college light house building. They are expecting his beloved friend Pari (A) Panchavan Pariventhan (Vijay). But he was not there. Their class toper guy Sathyan was there. He had a bet with these three guys because of one incident. It’s the day 10 Years before from today. He had did a bet like he will be in the top position of a company and these three will not achieve in life. So he came back to show them that he had won the bet. Jeeva and Srikanth had got the kolaveri feeling against Sathyan because they missed their friend Vijay for 10 years. They even do know whether he is alive or not. But sathyan knows where he is. Pari (Vijay) is in Ooty. They started to travel ooty to visit him. Here the story starts.

The story starts in flashback. They all studied in Ideal College of Engineering. The Principal is Sathya Raj. He is strict with the students. Vijay is different from other students. Sathya Raj did not like Vijay. He always thinks differently. He even has different idea in education. His thought about education is not to memorise the content in book. We need to understand and study. He loves Sathya Raj’s daughter Ria (Iliyana). But after the completion of the degree, vijay did not contact her also.

Nanban First Poster

While on the way to ooty, Srikanth and Jeeva get to know that Iliyana is going to get married. They will go there and stop the marriage. This scene is really fun. The remaining story is whether the friends meet Vijay? Will Vijay and Iliyana join with him?

You can really enjoy the movie from the start to end. The only thing Sankar changed is the songs. They copied even the dialogues. 99% of the dialogues are same in Hindi. You will like the more if you did not watched the 3 idiots movie in hindi. The movie will be so good if all the 3 heroes might have reduced some weight like about 10 Kgs. 

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