Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vettai on First Day

This Pongal only two big Movies hit the screen. I did not expect that i will watch both the movies on first day. That too i watched both the movies in night Show.  Already i have written the review about the Nanban Movie. This time i am going to write about the Vettai Movie. Arya and Madhavan did the lead role. Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul are the heroine's in the movie. 

Vettai Poster 
The Movie was released on 14th January. The movie was released in the theater opposite to our house. I have no idea of watching the movie on that day. Me and my cousin belfin thought we will watch the movie by next week. Then only they will reduce the ticket price. For first day they will charge Rs. 100. That money is not worth for that theater. From second week they will charge Rs.40. That is the best price for that theater. By evening my cousin Prince's friend called and asked for movie. We decided to watch the movie. I went and booked for the Night Show. The show starts at 9.45 PM.

The movie was good. you will not get bored in the movie. the screenplay was good enough to watch for more than one time. The story is simple. The story is about two brothers. Elder brother is afraid of all things. Younger brother is strong. He will not afraid of any things. He will do the fighting's for his elder brother. Their father is a police. He will die because of heart attack. Since their father is a police, Elder brother will get the chance of becoming a police. He will afraid to go for the police job. Younger brother will make him to join in police job. 

In the police job he will face many problems. Every time younger brother will help him and elder brother will get the name in the department. Everyone in the department will think that he is brilliant and strong. He is doing all the things in alone. 

The villain will get to know about this and he will beat the elder brother with his guys. Younger will save him from the incident. But the elder brother's knee will get broke. This time younger brother will scold elder brother and help him to change. 

After from the hospital he will get change. He will become bold enough to revenge on the people who beat him. Both the brothers will join together to evade the villan in that village. 

Vettai Stiil 1

vettai Still 2

Vettai Still 3

Vettai Poster 1

Madhavan did the Elder  brother role and Arya did the younger brother role. Both of them are perfect fit for the role. Both of them are smart. The whole movie is with fun and action. Amala paul is beautiful in this movie, but not as much as in Deiva thirumagal. Arya is the lead role in the first half and Madhavan is the lead role in second half. Director had given the equal role for both the heroes. But the first hero is Arya, because he has more fight sequence and duet songs with the heroine. We can enjoy the movie with our family. Its a mass Family Entertainer.
Vettai still 4

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