Sunday, July 15, 2012

Billa II on First Day

Billa II is the most expected release of the year 2012 in Tamil industry. Because it is the Pre sequel of the super hit movie of Billa. Ajith Kumar is in the lead and Parvathi Omankuttan. 

Billa II 
After the Hit of Mankatha, the most expected movie for thala. Everyone expected it will a treat to the 'thala' fans. The movie narrates how David Billa has become the Don of Underworld. 

It was brilliant that the childhood life was shown in images. The movie starts in the camp. The Dialogues are superb in throughout the movie. Punch dialogues are not too much and they are real punches. The movie is full of violence. The editing and visualization are good. It was a new era in Tamil Film industry. The movie was made for the A-center people. I hope the movie wont be reach high in B and C Centers. 

Billa 2 poster
The movie was in Hollywood style. But failed in some sequences. No comedy and no sentiments in the movie. It just narrates Billa Life. Some scenes were not up to the mark. It was really 'mokka'. As they were important sequences in the film they might have taken that scenes even better. 


Two songs were missing in the film. Song sequence were good. Especially "Unakul oru mirugam" visual was made in a right way. Editing was good. 

Movie wont be good for the people who like the hero need a introduction song, fighting with 100 and 1000's of villans, kuttu song in the middle and fighting with deadly weapons. 

The movie was not superb or not too bad. Its an average movie and we can watch it for one time. 

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