Monday, July 9, 2012

My New Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Everyone is craze about something. I am craze about electronic gadgets. I love to see the new mobiles and other new gadgets. All we need is entertainment and money. I bought a new Apple iPod touch one month before. The purchase of iPod touch was happened just like that. My colleague needs to buy a phone in the range of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000.When we browse through Apple website, we found Apple iPod. It has all the facilities except the SIM slot. I went crazy about the iPod touch. Its clarity, features and everything. I thought the price will be more than Rs.20,000/-. Then i found  the price was Rs.13,500/- for 8 GB and Rs.20,000/- for 32 GB. I enquired in all the Apple re-seller. I found iPod 32GB for Rs.16,500/- in Studio cell shop at TNagar. 

The iPod was amazing It has all the features like the iPhone. On the first day i updated the OS to iOS 5.1. It has a good Front camera. The screen resolution was Good. It supports most of the amazing games. I wonder the amazing performance of the iPod with just 256MB RAM. At the beginning i found little difficulty with the iTunes and other features. Later it was easier. 

The camera clarity is good when the lighting is good. When lights gone, no difference between the Apple camera and the Korean mobiles. It is the main flaw in the Apple iPod. I have installed more than 100 Apps. But the device was not hanged me till now. It's more amazing. The games with more than 500 MB are running smoothly. 

Here are some of the photos taken with the iPod Touch:

First Photo taken in iPod Touch

Photo Taken in Front Camera

At Fruit Shop

Near Chennai Airport

Mount Road Citi Bank Office

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