Monday, June 20, 2011

Avan Ivan at Escape Cinemas

With Room Mates in Express Avenue
Avan Ivan movie was released on 17th June 2011. In our room, we people thought to go for that movie on Saturday or in Sunday. Sunday is the best time for every one to watch the movie. So we decided to watch the movie on Sunday. Now, The Show time was the problem. Some people asked for morning show and some people asked for evening show. Finally I convinced them for the 7PM show. Everyone agreed. I booked the ticket in ESCAPE theatre PLUSH screen in Express Avenue. 

We got only the first row. Totally we were 6 people. On Sunday, we started at 4 PM from our room. We reached Express Avenue at 4:45 PM. We thought of purchasing dresses for ourselves. We went to Big Bazaar at Basement 1 in Express Avenue. Two of us purchased Shirts and paints for them. We had a drink at there. We spend till 6:15 in Big Bazaar. They provided Rs.100 discount for the purchase of Rs.750.
Inside Theater Plush Screen

Inside theater

inside Theater

We entered the ESCAPE Cinemas at 6:30. We stared our photo session near the screens and in the mall. The movie was started at 7:00 PM. The movie was super. This film will be a break for Vishal and Arya. Director BALA had done a wonderful work in selecting the locations. The movie doesn’t have the story. It’s a full length comedy movie. Actor Surya also came for a guest role. We will laugh in 75% of the movie. The story lies for just 20 minutes. GM Kumar has done his perfect job. In this movie, the actors and the actress were acted with the following names Arya as Kumbiduren sami, Vishal -   Walter Vanangamudi ,  Janani Iyer as Baby, Madhu Shalini as ThenMozhi and GM Kumar as Iyness (Highness).
We can say the movie in Single line. There was a thief family in a village. They were very close to the Jamin of that village. Two boys(Vishal and Arya) in that family are like Jamin(GM Kumar) sons. One day Jamin make the Villan RK to arrest for his illegal business. Because of that he will kill the Jamin. Vishal and Arya take revenge of him. This story is for just at the end of the film. Full film will go without any story. 

Every artist in this movie has done a fantastic job. If you are looking for a story, you won’t enjoy the movie. Go for a fun and you will get it. Your money is 100% worth for this movie. You will laugh for more than 75% of the movie. Ambika had done a different role in this movie. A Salute to GM Kumar’s for his guts to act Nude in the last scene. Bala has made all the actors to act in this movie. I am sure this film will get many National awards. Watch the movie in Theatre and have fun.

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