Friday, June 3, 2011

A day in Richie Street, Mount Road, Chennai.

As you know i have bought my laptop last month. I was planning to buy the laptop cooler pad for the past one month. I did not got the time to go to Richie street where the electronic products will be available at low cost. There you can buy all types of electronic products at low cost. Finally i got the permission from my Project manager and went to Richie street in the evening along with my friend. My PM asked to get the details of the LED monitor price. First we decided to get the details about the monitor and next buy the laptop cooler and mouse. In the first shop they said the price for the Acer LED monitor was Rs. 5200/-. We thought we will look in some other shop also. So we went and asked in other shops. Most of them said the cost around Rs. 5,500. In one shop they said the price was Rs. 5,900. We said that in one shop they said as Rs.5,200. Suddenly they reduced the price to Rs.5,100/-. We both of them  get laughed at that shop itself. In the same shop i asked for the USB mouse. The salesman said the price was Rs,120 with one year warranty. We said we will look in another shops. Suddenly he reduced the price to Rs.100/- with the same one year Warranty. Its the best deal they provided. So we bought the mouse in that shop itself. In the we will not get the mouse with warranty for just Rs.100/-. It will cost minimum Rs.250.  Our next goal was LED monitor and laptop cooler pad. We asked the laptop cooler in one shop they said Rs.250 for the Zebronic brand cooler with one year warranty. I did not like the design of the cooler. so we searched in other shops. We went to the opposite shop. In that shop they said Rs.350/- for the same laptop cooler. In richie street they will cheat the people who doesn't have knowledge about the products. Finally we bought the laptop cooler for Rs 150/- and the LED monitor for Rs.5,100/-. It was a new experience with the Richie Street in Friday evening. Me and my friend Mani had a good time in the Richie street.


  1. But I've also received negative feedback on the retailers from Ritchie Street. I recently bought an Acer Laptop. But somebody told them they change the internal parts while the outside looks brand new and sell it for a cheaper price. Many of us get cheated and I heard one guy purchased Dell and when he visited the authorized service center; they examined the parts and told him they were not original. It's a very scary world out there in Ritchie street, and one has to be extremely careful.

    1. Yeah You re correct Mystic. We should not buy any branded products in richie street. We can buy only accessories and spare parts in there..

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