Monday, June 13, 2011

Had a peaceful Weekend after a long time

For the past few months, every week i will have some work. Most of the week we used to play cricket in the early morning. One week i will have office in the Sundays. Some days i will have some personal works, so that i will go outside and come to room by late evening. For the past few months  did not enjoyed the weekends like i enjoyed in college. 

When i was studying in college, in the weekends i used to stay in my room and watch more than 4 or 5 movies in 2 days in my computer. I missed that in the past few months. Either in Saturday or Sunday, i will have some works. 

Last week end i was free(11-06-2011, 12-06-2011 ). I planned to watch TV and movies for two days. I started watching movies in Friday night. I watched Maaveeran movie. Its a Telugu dubbed move called mahadeera. Already i watched the movie in Telugu. The movie was good. So i watched the movie again. I slept at 2 AM. I woke up in morning 10 AM. 

I have to go to SBT bank to transfer money to my dad's account. Went o T Nagar branch to put the money. I returned back to room by 12:30PM. I watched TV till 3 PM. Food came to my room. I ate the food and started watching the movie. Watched Priest Movie. The movie was good. 

CCL was started in evening in vijay TV. Started watching CCL with friends. The game between Chennai Rhinos and Mumbai Heroes was good. Unfortunately the Match was canceled due to rain. Nothing affected me. Started watching movie in my laptop. Watched a Telugu dubbed movie named Puthiya Thalapathi. The movie was mokka. Slept at 3:00 AM. 

In Sunday i woke up in 11:30 AM.  Brushed, ate and started watching movies. Watched Tangled and X-MEN First Class. Evening started watching CCL Finals. Chennai team has done the wonderful job. Watched the Full match, then washed the clothes and Slept at 12'o clock. Wake up in the morn 6:30 AM and went to office happily.

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