Monday, August 29, 2011

Using My Pink China Mobile after 2 years

Every people will have some sentimental things in their life. I have a sentiment in my life. That's my old Mobile. I am crazy about that mobile.That is the first mobile i bought with the multimedia options. I bought that mobile when i was studying my B.E. I bought the mobile from Richie Street. 

When i bought that mobile i was in third year. That is the time the china and Korean mobiles are so popular in India. They provided many features at low cost. Many people started buying china mobiles. They only introduced the Dual SIM phone in India. It became very popular in the college students. Many students will use 2 SIM cards. One for free messages and the another one to make calls. They used to Switch the SIM cards in the mobile. But the Dual SIM card, the work was so easy. They did not want to swap the SIM. For the above said reason i bought the Dual SIM mobile phone. 

I bought the Dual SIM phone for Rs.3500. First day i went to Richie street and bought one phone. When i reached my room i found the mike is not working. I called to the shop owner and said the mike in the phone is no working. He told that he will replace with another phone. I went to that shop by next day and bought this Pink color phone. From that time i like my phone. The mobile have dual SIM card slot, memory card slot, camera, audio player, video player and games.

It was very easy to handle the phone. The phone has both Touch and type. I used the mobile for 2 years. I used to hear songs at all the times in that phone. Most of them in my class liked the phone.Not only in the class, in my office also many people liked the phone. Especially many girls liked that phone because of the color. The only fault is, the mobile has the Invalid IMEI Number. At the time of getting the Valid IMEI number from the government i did not bought the IMEI number. I bought the IMEI number after six months. I kept the mobile in my house for some days. The Charger got damaged. I got the new charger when i went to native. I gave the mobile to one of my friend in my office. He damaged the charger and the phone was unused for more than six months.

He gave the mobile to me few days back. To use the mobile i need to change the charger and the battery. Again i need to go to the Richie street to get the charger and the battery. I roamed in Richie street for more tan 1 hour and i did not found the charger. Finally in one shop they said they can patch the Nokia battery for my phone. I did that for Rs.180. I got the charger for Rs. 60.

I was happy to the phone after one year. Here are the photos of my Pink Mobile.

Back View

Front View

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