Sunday, October 30, 2011

7 Aam Arivu - At my eyes (or) How i went to Watch to 7 aam arivu movie

Diwali makes everyone happy. Every Diwali many big films will hit the Silver screen. There will be big Cut-outs for the actors and banners for the actor, actors for the film release. We can find a big rush in the theatre’s on Diwali. This year only two films hit the screen. One is Surya’s 7 aam Arivu and another one is Vijay’s Velayutham. The most expected film is 7 aam Arivu. It is A. R. Murugadhas movie. He is the famous Director in Tamilnadu. Velayutham’s Director is Raja. He was probably called as “Remake Raja” as he will not take movies of own story. He will always remake movies from Telugu with the same location. This time he said that Velayutham is his own story. But the Stills of the movie itself showed the movie is the remake of the Telugu Movie Named “Azad”. So Velayutham did not had so much expectation among the people.

The booking for the Movies had started before one Week. I planned to go to 7 aam Arivu movie with my Cousin Belfin and with our firend Pradeep. I booked the ticket for Mateny show on 29th Oct in Kamala Cinemas. Pradeep asked us to have Breakfast in his home. We also want to change the Billing name of our Airtel bradband from my name to Belfin name. We decided to go to Pradeep house by morning, have breakfast, go to Airtel Relation Ship Centre, have lunch in somewhere, watch the movie and come back to Room by evening. But Pradeep had a different plan. I did not know that.

I and Belfin started from our Room at 6:30 AM. Pradeep House is in Porur. We thought Rs.30 pass will be best. So we took the Rs.30 Pass. We reached Pradeep House by 7.45 AM. Pradeep prepared Pasta for us. That’s the first time I had pasta. It was great. After the Breakfast, we decided to go to Airtel Office. Pradeep said we have to go to his friend Pachu’s House in T-Nagar. He said we can find the Airtel Office in T-Nagar. We went to T-Nagar. Pachu came in his car to pick us. On the way to his house we found an Airtel Office. We went there and enquired about the name change in the account. They said that the network was down so we cannot do the name change. He asked us to come back on Monday for name change. There is no possibility of changing the billing name on that day. So we went to Pachu’s house. We stayed there for some time and we had the Lunch in Pachu’s house. The food was so good. I loved the “pudalangai kuttu” ( Snackgourd). She made that gravy with Dhal. It had a good taste. After the Lunch we 4 went to the movie.

As the film was released on Wednesday, I read the review about the movie in Online. Many people said the movie is boring and many people did not like the movie. I hope it’s because of the hype they created for the film. I did not expect too much for this film. I just went without any expectations for the film. The movie was started at 3 PM. First half of the movie moved slowly. The second half went nice. It was not boring.

7 aam arivu is based on the Buddhist monk Bodhi dharma. He is the guy from Tamilnadu lived in 5th/6th century. People in China, Japan and Thailand are worshipping him as God. But many people from Tamilnadu or in India do know about him. Only very few people know about him. He is the founder of the great marshal art Kung-fu. He is the third son of great Tamil King Pallava Dynasty. He is the co-founder of Shaolin School. The film starts with the 5th century as how Bodhi dharma went to China and how he started teaching the martial arts to China people and how the school was started and how it grown now. Then the movie comes to the 21st century. A girl named Subha( Sruthi Hasan) has done the research about DNA. With that research she found that we can bring back the abilities of the old generation people. So that the new people will have all the abilities what the people in olden days had. He found the DNA of Bhodi dharma will match to the DNA of Aravind( Surya), he is from the same generation of Bhodi dharma. With all this researches, she sends the thesis to many countries. His professor will send the thesis to China also. The Government of China want to destroy the project and to kill Subha. They will appoint a guy named Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) from Shaolin School. He is the top performer of the School. They are about to transfer a disease to India which China was already affected by that disease and only Bodhi dharma had cured the disease. The Disease will spread so fast in the country. Only China had the medicine for the disease. Their plan is India have to beg China for the medicine. With that they can make a big money. Subha will present a speech about his research in front of many Scientist. They will criticise as she is the young and they will speak bad about the Tamil. She will give nice words to them and she will leave the meeting. Some other youngsters in the meeting will join their hands with her in the research. In the mean-time Police will call Subha for a murder enquiry happened in front of her house. Aravind will also go with her to the police station. There she will find the boy from his neighbour house. He killed his father in-front of her house. He will say that a China guy came to her house to kill her. He will come to police station to kill her and he kills all the Police man with the Hypnotism art. Sruthi and Aravind will escape from the police station. The remaining film goes on how they save the people against the disease Dong Lee spreads in India and how Subha succeeds in her research. This time A.R. Murugadhas comes with the new story equals to the Hollywood movie. The only thing lagging in the movie is the Graphics. We will get a new experience in the Tamil Film. It’s worth watching this movie other than watching a Remake Movie having the same kind of story. 

The movie says what we are following in the name of god was Science. Don't believe in the name of God. Find the Science in that.


  1. nice movie watch it again and love our tamil science..........:)

  2. Thanks Shirley...This is the mile stone in Tamil Film Industry..

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