Monday, October 3, 2011

My Last Moments in Polaris Sakthi Towers Office (Mount Road).

Everyone knows that I am working in Polaris Software Labs. My work place was Sakthi Towers situated in Mount Road. Many of you may not know about sakthi towers, but everyone knows Spencer plaza. My office building was next to Spencer plaza. In my college days, I used to go to Spencer plaza some time. I used to think “It will be nice if I got a job in Polaris”. Polaris is my dream Company. By Luck I got the job in Polaris. It’s all because of God’s grace. I joined Polaris on 25th Jan 2010. We had the Induction training in Navalur office for 2 weeks and they put me in 4-C team. 4C team was in Sakthi towers. I started working in Sakthi towers from 8th Feb 2010. After 1 year 9 month, I am shifting back to Navalur office. From 3rd Oct 2011(Monday) onwards I am going to work in Navalur Office. I am very happy to work in Navalur Office. But I still miss Sakthi Towers Office. I do know whether I will get the happiness and the experience in the Navalur office what I got in sakthi towers office. I would like to work in night shifts. As the last working day in sakthi towers office was EOM (End OF the Month), I got the Night Shift. I was very happy thet I got the night shift in the last day. In the starting of my career, I spend most of the days in Night shifts. When I was in Night Shift in the last day and I remembered the days I spent in this office. I just shared the moments I remembered in the last moments.

Joining in the 4C team was a great fun. When our training batch guys were in the presentation hall, one Project Manager came and explained about the job in 4C team. He said that he needs one guy and the guy should come in Night Shifts in alternate weeks and it’s a production Support. Suddenly I accepted to work in 4C Team. The reason was I want to work in night shift. Because I saw many peope working in Night shifts. I want to know what kind of work people are doing in Night Shift. I was very eager to work in Night Shift. I joined in 4C team only because of the night shift. In the first the PM Mr. Elan introduced my Project Leader Mr. Ebby Geogre. He gave me our product manual. I read half of the manual in the First day. I decided to leave the office by 6:00 PM. I asked permission to my PL and I left the office. In the next couple of days I learned to launch our project. Vineesh and Selva used to do the knowledge Transfer. I learned the project in a couple of days. They provided the Night Shift. For the first one week, Varun used to come in night shifts to provide the guidance. This is how I started my career in the 4C Team in Sakthi towers. In the beginning days I used to come in the Night Shifts for continuous 10 weeks. I used to be alone in my bay. I learned a lot in the night shifts. I started writing sample programs in C language. Selva helped me a lot to write the codes. I used to ask doubts to him frequently.

I remember the treat given by our PM for 7 continuous Winning of matches. We used to play cricket in out bay. As our bay is closed, No one will get disturbed with our play. We played cricket for more than one month. Every day we start the game at 7:00 PM. All the people from our team will play cricket. One day I was with our PM team and we had 7 continuous victories. We asked the treat to him. He accepted and provided the Treat in Senthur Hotel. We had a good dinner with our PM. That’s the first treat I went with our team friends.

The next thing is Cake cutting ceremony for birthdays. I am sure we are going to miss that in Navalur office. We used to celebrate all the team members birthdays. We will collect funds from our team friends and we will buy a Cake and a gift to the birthday baby. The ceremony will be fun. We used to ask the birthday baby to sing the song, to dance and some other activity. The only thing people will not forget is the Sekhar’s birthday ceremony. Our seniors and our PM asked him to sing a song or to dance. He said that he will not do that and he is ready do anything else. So our Senior Varun asked him to cry like a new born baby. Without any hesitation he fell down and started crying like a baby. No one could able to stop their laugh. At the same time everyone was shocked to see that. He is one of the senior in our team. He had 4 years of experience at that time. We used to think about this event in all birthday ceremony.

We used to have Tea break at 12:00 PM. We try to go to Tea at 10to 11 AM. But somehow it will become 12:00 PM. The whole team will go for the tea break in the 3rd floor canteen. We will have lot of fun in our team. As our bay was closed we used to tease each other badly. Some time we used to crack double meaning jokes also and no other will hear that. So it will a benefit for us, I am sure that we will miss this in Navalur office. Because we don’t have separate bay. All the team people will sit next to us. We will miss the privacy for our team in Navalur office.

We are going to have a new experience in Navalur office. We have many facilities in Navalur office. We have Gym, Table tennis court, Basketball court, Shuttle court and good cafeteria and many more facilities. Hope we will get a good experience in Navalur. But till I miss the Sakthi towers office.

In the last day me and Bharath took some photos in our bay and in sakthi towers.

Entrance of 4C Bay

4C Bay

Packed Computers

My Desk

With my Team mates

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