Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Days In my Life - Part II

In the previous post of Black Days in my Life I have written about some of the companies I worked. Please read the First Part before reading this post.

While working in X-Treme, I got an offer in IHA. I had many blocks while joining in IHA. While attending the interview they asked for any one of the original certificate. Many people went back after hearing that. I was ready to give them any one of the original Mark sheet. They explained the job profile. We have to go to the Engineering colleges as Trainer to train them for the campus interview. One guy from the IHA named Naveen gave a big build up for the company. He said that the main branch is in Hyderabad. They are opening a new branch in Chennai. They are looking for the floor in Tidel Park. They are going to recruit more than 100 employees in Chennai and are going to provide the technical and personality training for all the colleges in Tamil Nadu and we may travel across India if we did a good job as trainer. After 18 months of completion in IHA, we will be placed in the high profile corporates like Wipro, CTS and TCS etc. I did not believed these bull shits. I decided not to join in this company. But a guy from IHA told everything about the IHA. He was in IHA for more than one month. He said they are not going to do anything they said. The only thing they are doing is that they are going to the colleges for training. He also went to one college in Chennai. His Name was Manimaran (A) Venin. And he said be here for some days and it will help me in the technical aspect as well as in communication. He was good in English pronunciation and in grammar. I said ok and I left the place with the offer letter. The salary was Rs.8000/-. 

In the night I thought about the current job I have and about the offer I got. My current job was the fund raiser for C.R.Y organization (X-Treme) where I need to roam all over the Chennai and raise funds for the small children and I get the commission for the amount of fund I raise for the organization. There is no future in this job. In IHA, as they recruited me as a technical trainer, I can improve myself in technical as well as in communication with the help of Venin. With this knowledge I can attend the interview more confident in the future. The only thing is I need to pay Rs.3500 /- as security deposit. I called my dad and explained everything about the offer and asked for the money. My dad did not accept to join in the job. I tried hard to convince my dad and finally he accepted to give money. The interview was held in Friday. I have to pay the security deposit in Wednesday. My dad kept money in my account in Monday morning 11:00 AM. I have to pay the money to Naveen by 12:00 noon as he is going to Madurai by 12:15 PM train. Naveen asked me to meet him in Egmore railway station and to pay the money and the original certificate. I went to the railway station by 11:30 AM. The money was not credited in my account. I called to my dad. He enquired in the bank and said there is some problem in the bank system, so it will take some time to credit in my account. I tried many time and the money was not credited in my account. It was 12:05 PM. Only five minutes was there to the train to start. I informed the details to Naveen. I asked him that I will give the money when I come to college. He did not accept. I went to the ATM again with one thought in my mind. “If this time money comes I will Join IHA or else I will not join in IHA. This is the last Chance”.  This time I got the money. I paid the money to Naveen and finished the formalities. He said that he will call me after two days. I have to go to Madurai within a week.

After 2 days Venin called me and said that three people from Chennai have to go to Madurai for the training purpose in Saurashtra Women’s College. We started the journey on Wednesday afternoon. With Venin another one guy named Siva was also joined with me. We reached Madurai at Night 8:00 PM. He accommodate in a hotel named ALAVAI. It is the cheapest hotel in the Madurai city. In the next day we went to the Saurashtra Women's College and we got shocked because of the message in the College Notice board. The College Notice board said “Officers from Wipro, TCS and from CTS are providing the training to the students for 3 days”. In the first day many students did not brought the money for the training. So Naveen did not conduct the training session. The first day was over. In the Evening we asked Naveen about the notice board in the college. He said that we are representing the companies in colleges. He added that I am in training period. When we reach Chennai we will be sending to the respective companies for the joining formalities. We did not believe that and we are not able to talk anything. As we paid Rs.3500/- we need to work for at least one month to get our money back. Naveen provided the Hotel expenses and the food in Madurai. Shiva did not like the job and Naveen. So he left Madurai in the next day. He asked me to join with him. I am in a position that I have to work for some days to get the money back. I cannot lose Rs.3500/- because it’s my dad’s hard work money from the farming land. I did not teach anything to the students for 2 days. In the third day I just took the introduction session. By the next day we came to Chennai. Naveen said he will call us for the next training session. I liked the environment. Till that date I called my staff as sir. For the first time many pupil called me as Sir. I was very happy to work for the students. I have many problems with Naveen. But I don’t want to betray the students. So I decided to work for the students. I started preparing for the training session for the next college. I did not used internet much. Venin helped me to prepare the study material. I started learning C language and prepared the material with the examples. We got leave for more than 10 days. I utilized these days to prepare the study material for C language and SQL. I took the technical session for the second batch students in Sourashtra College. I was nervous in the first day. Venin helped to speak in the public. Somehow I finished the first day session. I got very good response from the students. We finished three days training. On finishing the Sourasthra College we need to start the Training in Yadhava College (You can see this college in the films). We finished the training in this college also. After finishing the training in this College, Naveen took me and Venin to Kodaikanal for three days. We took a room to stay in Kodaikannal. We went to Kodaikanal Institute of Technology to speak with the HOD and the placement officers. The people from Kodaikanal Institute did not believe Naveen did not give the chance to do the training. In the meeting Naveen said that I am from Wipro Company and Venin is from TCS. I interrupted and said that I am from IHA. I don’t want to show myself as a high profile. We returned to Madurai by the next day. We got leave for another one week. After one week Naveen asked us to come to Salem. He had a list of College to meet the Placement officers. In some colleges he introduced me as I am working in Wipro and came here to train the students for the Interview. He said he will place the students in the leading companies. I fought with Naveen in the evening for introducing me as I am working in Wipro. He said that I am representing Wipro and I will get the documents from Wipro within a couple of days. Next day he gave a College address and asked me to go to the college to speak with the Placement officer for the Placement training. I took the file and came out of the Hotel. While going to the Bus Stand I did not felt well to do this job. I did not like to eat food with others money. I decided not to do this job and went back to the hotel and throwed the documents to Naveen face and quit the Job. I came to my home town. 

I was happy to work for the students, But that did not remains for a long time. Again i had a down face in my career. Bad luck follows me again and again. Visit my blog for the rest of the bad lucks followed in my life.