Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Worst New Year I ever had

Every Day is not the same day. Like that Ever year gives you a new experience. Some will be goo and some will be the bad experience. This year gave me the bad experience i ever had. This year started with Sick. 

It was 30th Dec 2011 Night. I slept at 12:00 Midnight. Next day morning i felt fever at the beginning stage. Usually i will take the fever and cold tablet from the Medical shops. Like the i took the medicine from the medical shop. There is a improvement in body heat. Yes, i felt even more bad. By Night I went to the hospital. Doctor said its just the normal fever and prescribed some tablets. After that me and my cousin went to Saidapet A.G Church to attend the New Year Service. After that we came fast to room and slept. 

January 1, 2012. New Year, I felt sad. I could not able to stand. Everyone in my room had served well. They prepared food for me. The sad thing is i could not able to eat much. I can't able to eat more than Idly(Indian Food). Again i went to hospital for evening. Doctor said that i have Typhoid fever. He gave medicines for 3 days. But the fever was not cured. The days were horrible. I took medical Leave. I never felt bad like that. I cant wake up in early morning. i woke up around 10 AM. Have one Idly. Sleep , wake up in Afternoon, eat something. Feel good ( I can stand at that time) till evening. From evening to night i will have the stomach pain. Night have the dinner and go to sleep. Feel Sleepy, But i can't sleep.

After 2 days, my sister asked me to take treatment in Meenkshi Mission Hospital in Madurai. She is working there. On January 5th i admitted in the hospital. They took so many blood tests. At last they found it is Denque Fever.

I had the platelets count 40,000. They gave me Anti-biotic medicines. By evening my platelets count increased to 60,000. I stayed there for 4 days. My platelets increased in large amount. At the last day i had the platelets count 3,20,000They treated well. Most of the Nurses are good with the patients. 

I booked the train from madurai to Chennai with the help of my cousin. On 8th Night they discharged me. They gave me a bill of Rs. 18,000/-. I had the Medical Claim provided by our office. So i paid Rs. 4000/-. Insurance company paid the remaining amount. 

I had the bad time at the New Year start. I never this much sad in my life in the New Year eve. There is a good thing also happened because of this fever. I lost 5 Kgs in 10 days and my belly reduced to 2 inches. 

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