Thursday, February 16, 2012

First day in Office with My Hero Octane Bi-Cycle

It's a dream from my small age i want to buy a Bi-Cycle. I had asked my dad for several times from my small age. But he never bought me a cycle. He always ask me to take his cycle. My School days over. I did not got the cycle. I went to college. Thought of buying a new cycle in college days. Four years gone. Still i did not bought Cycle. Again it was a dream for me.

I joined in Polaris. Thought of buying Cycle. But, If i bought the cycle, i will not get time to have a cycle ride. Because i will leave my room in morning and reach room in night about 8 or 9 PM and my office is too long from my Room. So I left thinking about my cycle. Last October my location got shifted to Navalur from Anna Salai. I shifted to Medavakkam. The distance from my room to office is around 10Kms. But I was troubled a lot to reach the office. I need to take two Buses to reach office. I need to travel in foot board, and all the buses will be in rush. So i decided to travel in Bi-Cycle to Office. For that i need to get a Cycle.

I searched many Bi-Cycles in the Internet. Last Saturday i went to Just Buy Cycles Shop in Velachery. I liked the cycle Octane from Hero Cycles. The cycle was Cost Rs. 10,990/- I just bought the cycle. I went to cycle ride for one hour on Sunday and Monday Morning. On Monday i informed my Colleagues about the cycle. Most of them were teased because of the Cycle Price. I decided to go to office on Cycle by Wednesday.

My Hero Octane

Hero Octane

Octane side View

On Wednesday Morning i took the breakfast and started pedaling the cycle. It took 40 Minutes to reach my office. It was too early. Normally it will take more than one Hour to reach my office if i was travelling in Bus. I saved more than 20 minutes. Everyone in my team knows that i came to office by Cycle. Every one was eager to see the Cycle. We decided to have a look at the cycle in the Tea break. In the tea break we went to the place where i parked the cycle. There was a surprise. Already four people were looking at my cycle and discussing about my cycle. I took the cycle from that place. My team mate Manikandan had a ride in the cycle. Another Team mate Varun was shouting the price of the Cycle to everyone crossing that parking place. Most of them teased for the price. Even one guy said " We can get a Suzuki Samurai for this price". All these teases will never pull me back. I was enjoying Cycling all the time. While cycling to office, i remember my childhood days where i took my dad's cycle and have a ride the across the paddy field. That was a pleasant time i had the cycling. Moreover i will ride for 30 minutes all the day. 

Front Disk Brake and Suspension

Back Suspension

Finally my dream about my Cycle came to an end. I have a cycle i dreamed about. My Cycle is having Front Disk break, 21 Speed gear , Front and Back Suspension. I was happy to the Cycle and i am very happy that i travel to my office by Bi-Cycle.