Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excellence award for my work

I joined in Polaris Software labs 2 years ago. I had 2 weeks of training and they put me in a project named Scheduler. 

In the training period the Vice presidents and many higher officials had came for the training sessions. Many people will speak about the Awards provided by the company for our work. The most honorable and the highest award is KONARK. It is not easy to get the Konark award. We need to work hard to get that award. 

Every time they speak about the awards, i felt like i should get any one award before leaving the company. The training was over and i was put up into the project.

The basic award is the SPOT Excellence and Going Extra Mile (GEM) Award. Every month a i will receive a mail from the HR team regarding the winners of the SPOT and GEM awards. Every time i look at the mail, i will think one or another day my photo and name should come in that mail. All i know is i need to do hard work to get the award. 

I have a bad luck. Whatever i do the good works will get un-noticed. I had many experience like this. I will work hard to do something and get success in that. but someone will the appreciation for my work. Some time no one will notice my work. Every time i think about the award, only this bad luck thing will rule my mind. But still i had hope that i will get some excellence award. 

At the beginning stage i was in Production Support. In the support period i started learning technology. I proved to my TL that i can do development. So he spoke with our PM and gave me development work. I did more than what they have assigned for me I did more than 70% of the work in the new release. My TL told he will recommend for GEM award after the release. but i did not got the GEM award. This did not affected me in any way. Because it is not new for me that my works are getting un-noticed.

After that i started working for another one project in my team. Every thing was going fine. I completed 2 years by last month. Still i did not got any award. I felt bad i could not able to get not even one award for my work. 

Today(15-02-2012)  morning i went to office and checked my mails as usual. I got the mail for GEM and SPOT Excellence Award. I was looking that mail and reading the names of the people got the awards. The Name and the Photo will be attached in mail. I was looking the photos one by one. I am feeling like when should my photo and name will appear in this mail. What a Surprise, My name and photo was in that mail. Oh My God!!! I got SPOT Excellence Award for November 2011. I had a doubt " Am i dreaming". No i am not dreaming, i am looking the mail once again. Yes, my name and photo only published in the SPOT excellence award. I showed the mail to my TL and PM. Everyone appreciated for the award. Today is the most happiest day in my career. Finally my hard work paid off. I got an Award from Polaris. Hard Work Never Fails proverb was well suited in my life today.